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Living in Barcelona

You've decided to move to Barcelona to start a new life. Leaving your hometown is a big step towards a new lifestyle, both exciting and scary. We can help you see everything more clearly. In this section you'll find a list of articles that will answer all your questions about living in Barcelona, like where to find work, bureaucratic procedures, getting an internet connection, where to play sports or pass time, and international schools. Feel free to check our long term rentals in Barcelona to get you started on your move to the Catalan capital. Some more information on the articles you can find below:

1. Why move to Barcelona?

  • 10 reasons to move to Barcelona. You want sunshine while you live in a cultural city that's full of history? Are you still wondering why to choose Barcelona? Don't hesitate, pack your bags, and get on you way to Catalonia.
  • How much does it cost to live in Barcelona? Knowing the costs of an area is important when moving somewhere new. Here you'll find the cost of living in Barcelona compared to other metropolitan cities.
  • Steps to renting an apartment. Four steps to renting in Barcelona. Choosing the right contract, deciding on a neighborhood, visiting the apartment, and signing the agreement. Be patient, looking for an apartment can be tricky.
  • 10 things to ask before renting an apartment in Barcelona. Lots of information on moving into a long term rental in Barcelona.
  • 5 of Barcelona's best neighbourhoods. We give our opinions on the best places to live in Barcelona, looking at the Gothic Quarter, Raval, Eixample, Poblenou and Gràcia. You'll find a summary of each district, and places that make the neighborhood what it is.

2. Working in Spain

  • How to open a business in Barcelona? If you dream of having your own business, Barcelona is an innovative city that wants to help young companies grow. Here are tips for success in this city.
  • How to find work in Barcelona? If you're looking for a temporary or permanent job position then here are various tips and different ways to go about that.

3. Bureaucratic procudures

We all dislike them; administrative procedures with long waiting and processing times, complications, and... civil servants... Whether you like it or not though, bureaucracy is part of the Spanish lifestyle, so in the very least we make it easier for you by explaining how to do certain procedures - Why? Where? What documentation is needed? How? We cover that.

  • How to get a Social Security number?
  • How to register in Barcelona's census (Empadronamiento)?
  • How to get a NIE in Barcelona?
  • The types of visas in Spain.
  • Which bank to choose and how to open an account?

4. How to get an internet connection in Barcelona?

In a world were we depend evermore on an internet connection, it's important to stay online. Also, in Barcelona, many locals stay connected using WhatsApp over texting and calls. So, here are some tips to stay connected, like where to find free internet in Barcelona, different internet companies operating in the city, and the OK Apartment package if your landlord won't let you install a connection, as well essential Apps for life in Barcelona.

  • Free WiFi in Barcelona.
  • Which internet service provider to choose in Barcelona?
  • Get internet with OK Apartment.
  • Essential apps to have in Barcelona.

5. Sports in Barcelona

Staying active is something we all know we should do, but sometimes the motivation isn't there. No more excuses though, we give many reasons to play sports in Barcelona. First, you have the beach, sunshine, and lots of summer. Second, it's good for the mind and you'll feel much better. And third, in Barcelona it's low-cost and even free to practise. Sports centres, cycling spots, running locations, it's easy to find happiness through a sport in Barcelona.

  • Where to run in Barcelona?
  • Top 3 low-cost sports centres in Barcelona.
  • Where to go cycling in Barcelona?

6. Entertainment in the city

Once everything is under control after a move, finding work, going through the bureaucracy; you can relax and meet some friends. For those of you who know little of the world, we give you all the tips to meet new people and the city's offering of entertainment ideal for going with friends. like going to the cinema.

  • 5 tips for meeting people in Barcelona. Here you will find advice for meeting new people, like the principle of couchsurfing, the "meet-up" application, and language exchanges.
  • International cinema in Barcelona. With a list of cinemas that screen in Original Language and subtitled for movie fans.

7. International schools

When you're ready to move to Barcelona, but your children have to leave school, well, don't panic. Barcelona offers an ideal schools for all ages. We list a number of international schools in this article.

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