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Collect entries and win great prizes!

Everyone can collect entries for the prize draw of our contests by participating in our guide & community. Below you see how you can collect entries.

There is no limit to the number of entries you may collect. The more you collect, the bigger the chance to win!

To make it fair for everyone we reset the number of entries back to zero after every draw.

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Win a weekend for 2 in Barcelona

Win a weekend in Barcelona

Customer Service Monetize your apartment

Monetize your apartment

All owners want to maximize the income that they generate through their properties, therefore it's important to keep them in good condition.

What type of rental yields the best results?
How do you minimize apartment wear and tear?
How to get many clients?
Is it convenient for owners to take care of management themselves?

Customer Care

Jeremies Prieto

Send us an email message.

Publish a property

We have more than 10 years of experience in the vacation rental industry and so are able to give good advice in order for you to find the answers to these questions.

In Barcelona, daily rental schemes work well from March to October. During the off-peak season there is less demand, thereby forcing suppliers to lower their prices. For this reason, a good strategy is to implement a monthly rental scheme from November to February.

The advantages of short term over yearly rental schemes are:

  • Achieving higher profitability
  • The apartment is less prone to wear
  • It does not allow for cases of non-payment from tenants

Many owners manage their apartments and publish listings for free on our web portal in search of clients who they serve personally. This commitment alone already makes profitability higher. Numerous other owners do not wish to involve themselves in the management of their rentals and for this reason we offer a comprehensive management service that also includes publication on the best and most prominent international rental portals. This service also includes the registration of tourist use for the apartment with the local council. The key to profitability is customer satisfaction. A satisfied customer will care for the apartment as if it were his/her own as well as leave positive feedback when it comes to reviewing the experience. These comments are what other customers will read before booking your apartment.

Customers have a huge selection of accommodation available to them, so this is an excellent opportunity for owners and managers to improve the quality of their service.

Code of Good Practice

Take a look at our code of good practice. By following this code in an organized and professional manner, you can be assured of customer satisfaction with very little effort.

The welcome email

Clients do not usually know the city and will very much appreciate receiving a personalized email with details on how to arrive and meet up for the handing over of the keys. This makes the trip easier for customers; reassuring them that you will be there and that they will not have problems on arrival.

Preparation of the apartment

The key is cleanliness. This is the first detail that any customer will notice when they enter the property. To maintain an apartment this way it's necessary to make available basic cleaning tools such as cloths, sponges, mops, brooms, toilet paper, soap, and bin bags.

Before welcoming the clients, we recommend that you connect the electricity, water, and heating or air conditioning. As a precaution you should also check inside the refrigerator for remnants that the previous tenants may have left.

Arrival of the client

Punctuality for check-in is essential. Nobody likes to wait with their bags on the street when arriving on their holiday. Being late can come across as unprofessional. By arriving on time we also avoid giving a bad impression to the neighbours of the building.

We recommend preparing an information pack. This pack will help you to explain things more clearly to customers once they arrive for check-in. The documents in this pack can include:

  • House rules that will help to avoid disturbing the neighbours.
  • The passwords to access the internet and your emergency contact details. You can also include a list of local emergency phone numbers.
  • How to use the appliances properly to ensure their durability.
  • Interesting details about the surroundings, for example, monuments and attractions, restaurants, and supermarkets.

The client receives the keys to the apartment on arrival and pays the rent. It is mandatory to provide a contract or receipt that bares the period of the stay, the number of people, and the payments made. With this document you will be protected against any misunderstanding from the client.

The emergency phone is important in the case of problems that require a quick reaction. The customer has the right that the apartment, the building, and its facilities are in good condition.

The departure of the client

Arrivals are usually a relaxed affair, but departures can be stressful. The client does not want to be late to the airport and you will want to finish your job well, for this to happen smoothly it is vital that you be on time. Remember that you will need to check the status of the property and return the deposit if everything seems to be in order.

A feedback form is the best way to obtain recommendations. Only a person who has lived in the apartment for a few days can give the specific advice needed to improve your property.

Good ratings

If the customer service has been provided in a professional manner, the customer will value this and will return the favor with a good evaluation. This is above all the main objective in the end; that the customer is satisfied and everyone else knows it.

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