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26 Aug 2019 | Estimated reading time: 4 minutes |
Annual festivals

The major festivals of Barcelona's neighbourhoods

The major festivals of Barcelona's neighbourhoods

Whichever month you visit, there's always a Festa Major to celebrate!

Barcelona is a lively city, that much cannot be denied, but not just in the nightlife sense, but rather the annual major celebrations throughout the city each year. As you'll come to know, the Catalan capital is divided into 10 districts formed from 73 neighbourhoods. Out of all those neighbourhoods you can count on the fact that the majority have an annual celebration and some span over multiple days (that's about a fifth of the year of just celebrations)! You can always find a concert, family activities, shows, Catalan traditions like Sardana dances and Casteller human towers, and more. Some are recognized around the world, others are not, but you're in for a great time at all!

Think you know all the celebrations in Barcelona? You likely know the Festa Major of Gràcia and Sants , as well as La Mercè, right? These are just the tip of iceberg and already the most crowded, but if you look a little, you will find a great time somewhere else...

What are the Festes Majors?

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The Festes Majors are very popular with locals because they give them the chance to celebrate the life of the neighbourhood and the Catalan traditions. They are very popular and people from the neighbourhood participate and decorate the streets.

Human towers, correfocs, sardanas... They are symbols of Catalan culture that occupy a special place during these festivities. In addition, Las Festes Majors are accompanied by a large number of free outdoor concerts. The activities are free, popular and informal.

Here are the most important parties chronologically ordered and at the end of the article I give you a list of all of them organised by district.

Born and Sant Pere Festival (June)

It is celebrated in honor of Sant Pere, its patron, and takes place within the neighbourhoods of Santa Caterina, Ribera and Sant Pere. Varied activities are carried out in 17 areas of the neighbourhood. Around 50 acts will in which artistic expressions such as circus, cabaret or dance will be performed.

Excursions in Barcelona

To make the most of Barcelona and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences and emotions, we offer you the excursions through the Catalan capital organized by our friends - the GetYourGuide team. Choose your excursion and fall in love with Barcelona:

Video of the Born and Sant Pere Festival 

Poble Sec Festival (July)

In the middle of July the festivities of Poble Sec arrive, festivals which bring unmistakable flavour to the popular neighbourhood. Using words from the Mayor of Barcelona (Ada Colau) this is a neighbourhood "proud of its past of factories and workshops, and its intercultural and creative present".

  • Festa Major del Poble Sec Festa Major del Poble Sec Jul 13 - Jul 22 Festa Major de Poble Sec goes from 13–22 July, when typical traditions will be celebrated.
Video of the Festa Major del Poble Sec

Sant Roc Festival - Gothic Quarter (August)

The parties of the Gothic Quarter, known as the 'Festes de Sant Roc' have been declared Patrimonial Festival of National Interest, by the Generalitat de Catalunya. This is because they are the oldest festivals in the city that date back to 1589.

Video of the Festa Major de Sant Roc

Raval Festival (August)

These celebrations are made in honor of the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of the main parish of the neighbourhood. During 4 days its streets are full, not only of people, but of activities and events. There are music, dances, children's activities, popular meals, giants, devils, theatres, castellers, bastoners and sports competitions.

  • Festa Major de Raval Festa Major de Raval Jul 12 - Jul 15 The festivities of the most multicultural neighbourhood in Barcelona — the Raval — arrive with Catalan tra...
Video of the Festa Major de Raval 

Sants Montjuïc Festival (August)

The most distinctive part of this celebration is the decoration of the neighbourhood. Sixteen of its streets participate in a contest. Among these the best of each year is chosen. And that's not all, because the festival committee of this neighbourhood organises more than 450 activities every year.

Did you know that in Sants a contest identical to that of the Fiestas de Gràcia is held? Look look...

  • Festa Major de Sants 2018 Festa Major de Sants 2018 Aug 18 - Aug 26 Concerts, performances, workshops, castellers and much more under the fantastic decorations of the Festa Major...

Gràcia Festival (August)

The activities in the neighbourhood are happen continuously and offer possibilities for all kinds of tastes and ages. There is a special atmosphere at this festival where we find food and drink in the street at affordable prices. If you want to know more about one of the most popular festivals in the city, click here!

  • Festival of Gracia 2018 Festival of Gracia 2018 Aug 15 - Aug 21 Concerts, shows, workshops, and much more amongst the fantastic street decorations this August during the Fest...
Video of the Festa Major de Gràcia 

Horta-Guinardó Festival (September) 

There are activities of all kinds: dances, concerts for young people, children's activities, community meals, sporting events, gymkhana... The popular culture of the neighbourhood, very rich and varied, also plays an important role. All neighbourhood groups come together in the opening parade. During the party there are dance exhibitions, dances and a final correfoc.

  • Festival of Horta 2018 Festival of Horta 2018 Sep 07 - Sep 16 Concerts, shows, Correfocs and much more with fantastic decorations. This September — The Festa Major of Horta.

Poblenou Festival (September) 

The neighbourhood has a long festive tradition. It is demonstrated in documents dating back to 1800 that attest to the existence of this celebration when Poblenou was just a nucleus on the outskirts of Barcelona. For two weeks music, art, dance and sports have an take place.

  • Festes de Poblenou 2018 Festes de Poblenou 2018 Sep 08 - Sep 17 Concerts, shows, workshops, Castellers and much more this September at the Festivals of Poblenou.

Eixample Esquerre Festival (September)

Between the last days of September and the first days of October the Left Eixample dresses up for a party and fills up with acts and celebrations. They highlight you will encounter are the giants and big heads, dances, demonstrations of Catalan folk dances, a large correfoc, popular meals, concerts, talks, sports competitions, workshops, children's entertainment shows, the traditional meeting of lace makers, etc.

La Mercè Festival (September)

In addition to neighbourhood parties, there is also the general party of the city of Barcelona, called La Mercè. Discover all the information about this party here:

  • Festes de la Mercè 2018 Festes de la Mercè 2018 Sep 21 - Sep 24 Concerts, traditional dances, Pyromusical, Castellers... Mercè celebrations are endless.

Barceloneta Festival (October)

The Festival of Barceloneta is celebrated around the festivity of San Miguel, which is on 29 September. It is organized by the Neighborhood Association and has activities such as sardanas, havana songs, correfoc with the devils and parades with the giants Pep Barceló and María la Nieta.

Les Corts Festival (October)

The Fiesta Mayor de Les Corts is celebrated the first half of October. The festival gives us a very complete picture of the cultural and associative life of the neighbourhood. The squares of Can Rosés, de la Concordia and Comas are the heart of the old nucleus and form the axis where much of the party takes place.

Sarrià Festival (October)

The festival of Sarrià is participative and many neighbourhood entities are involved in it, grouped under the umbrella of the Festival Commission of the Roser de Sarrià. The neighbours, on a personal basis, also take part in it by adorning the balconies and facades or organising the fraternity dinners that are held in many streets of the historic centre.

Sant Martí Festival (November)

Now it is the turn of the Sant Martí neighbourhood. A colourful party is organised in the heart of its district. The festivities will take place in the Era de Can Planas, in the Fondal de la Verneda and also in 'L'espai La Gàbia' in the Sant Martí park. The event is organised by the VERN Coordinator, regrouping around fifty neighbourhood associations.

  • Festa Major Sant Martí 2017 Festa Major Sant Martí 2017 Nov 03 - Nov 19 Celebrate with the locals in a typical Barcelona neighbourhood. Discover the famous Castellers, the march of t...

List of all the neighbourhood festivals 

Next I give you a list of all the parties of the districts ordered by districts:

Ciutat Vella

Barri del Pi
The weekend closest to 23 March 
El Raval
Middle of July
Barrio Gótico
Middle of August
La Ribera
First half of September
La Rambla
First half of October
La Barceloneta
End of September, beginning of October


Sant Antoni
Middle of Janurary
Fort Pienc
First half of June
Sagrada Familia
Middle of April
Eixample derecho
Second half of May
Eixample Izquierdo
First half of October

Sants Montjuïc

Second half of August
Second half of July
First half of September
End of September, beginning of October
La Marina
Second half of June
Font de la Guatlla
Middle of June

Les Corts

Les Corts
First half of October


Second half of August
El Coll
First half of June
Parc Güell
Camp d'en Grassot
First half of September 
First half of September

Sarrià Sant Gervasi

Santa Maria de Vallvidrera
 Middle of August
Les Planes
Middle of September
First half of October
Camp d'en Grassot
First half of September
Sant Gervasi
Second half of June
Tres Torres
First half of June
El Putget
First half of June


Horta- Guinardó

First half of September
Second half of September
El Carmel
First half of July
Camp d'en Grassot
First half of September
First half of June
La Clota
Second week of July
Middle of May
Can Baró
Second half of June
Sant Genís dels Agudells
Second half of June
Vall d'Hebrón
Second half of June
La Font d'en Fargues
Second half of June
Baix Guinardó
First half of June

Nou Barris

First half of June
Second half of September
Turó de la Peira - Vilapiscna
 Second half of June
Trinitat Nova
First week of June
Can Peguera
Second half of June
La Prosperitat
First week of June
End of June, beginning of July
Cuitat Meridiana
First week of June
Second week of July
Torre Baró
First week of July
Nou Barris
Second half of May

Sant Andreu

Sant Andreu
End of November, beginning of December
Bon Pastor
Second week of May
Baró de Viver
Middle of June
Trinitat Vella
First half of June
La Segrera
Second half of November
Second half of May
First half of October

Sant Martí

First half of September
La Verneda
First half of November
El Clot – Camp de l’Arpa
First half of November
Second half of September
Front Marítim
First half of September
Vila Olímpica
First half of July
Second half of September

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