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Born and Sant Pere Festivals in Barcelona

Born and Sant Pere Festivals in Barcelona

Born and Sant Pere Festivals in Barcelona
Centre Cultural Born

Carrer del Comerç, 2



Jun 21 - Jul 02

A festival of a lifetime

The Festa major del Casc Antic arrives this summer. It's celebrated in honour of Sant Pere, its patron saint, and takes place within the neighbourhoods of Santa Caterina, Ribera and, of course, Sant Pere. How will the Born area be during these days? It begins on Thursday, 22 June after a parade through the streets of the neighbourhood. Later the start of the festival is given with a pregón (announcement) at the doors of the Convent of Sant Agustí. The festival will pay homage to the apostle Saint Peter.

Many varied activities will take place around the 17 neighbourhoods. Areas include, Carrer Sant Pere, Sant Agustí Vell square, Carrer Argenteria, Passeig del Born, and Passeig de Lluís Companys.

Festa Major Casc Antic
Giants in Fiesta Mayor del Casco Antiguo of Barcelona

Activities you can find

According to the organizers, there are about 50 scheduled events — including artistic expressions such as circus, cabaret and dance — for this new edition.

Standing out for the first time, the 'Diada falconera' (Falconry Day — named after a type of Catalan human tower), that joins the traditional 'Diada Bastonera' (traditional dance with canes) and the Giants parade. It will be held on 1 July from 6PM.

In the programme you'll find activities for all ages and tastes. There are street dinners, vermouths, traditional dances, concerts and events that are specially designed for children.

Catalan traditions

1st 'Diada Falconera del Casc Antic'

As mentioned, for the first time in these festivities there will be the 'Diada falconera'. This is a type of Castellers, which is a traditional human tower that Catalans love to build during celebrations. Here you'll see large human figures in the shape of towers, mills, pyramids and everything that the collas (crews in charge of the activity) can imagine. It's very worthwhile to attend one of these performances. It's celebrated on Sunday 2 July at 12:30PM on Passeig del Born.

7th 'Diada Bastonera del Casc Antic'

It's a parade carried out by 'bastoners'. These are a group of dancers who — with the help of sticks — perform a dance guided by music. Taking place on several streets around Born, it begins at 11AM on Sunday 25 June at the Fossar de les Moreres

XXV 'Trobada de Gegants del Casc Antic'

There's also a place for the giants at the Born festivities. You can meet a handful of the 'Gegants' that come from different parts of Catalonia. Surely more than one tourist will be frightened or at least surprised. Starts on Passeig del Born, on Saturday 1 July at 6PM.

Gigantes en el Casco Antiguo de Barcelona
Typical giants of Barcelona

Dance and exhibition of Sardanas

You can't miss this one. In any authentic Catalan festival there has to be a representation of this traditional dance. If you've never seen it, you'll like it. People join hands and dance to the rhythm of music in a circle. It's a very simple and intuitive dance, surely you'll end up joining them. On Saturday 1 July at 12PM on Plaça Comercial there will be an exhibition open to the public. And later on Saturday 17 July at 10PM in the same area, you'll be able to attend the final of the 5th Ciutat Vella Sardana Dance Contest.

Bastoners dancing
Bastoners collas

Traditions from other countries at the event

Enrédate 2017 - Summer carnival

Born is a neighbourhood that — because of its proximity to the sea — has received numerous immigrants from many different nationalities over the years. Even if today it's mostly tourists who spend their days here. Therefore in their festivities there's also space for cultural activities from other countries. Like a Brazilian-style carnival. A Samba session will open this event on Saturday 24 June at 7PM in the Jardines del Pou de la Figuera.

Mazurka Clandestina

Surprising but it has to be nice to see. There will be a meeting of musicians and Mazurka dancers — a very lively Polish dance. It will be held on Thursday 29 June at 6PM, also at the Jardines del Pou de la Figuera.

Roda de samba Born
Roda de samba for the Born celebrations

Street food


All the neighbours who want to participate can enjoy some paella on Passeig del Born on Saturday 1 July at 2PM. It will be a full day, because the 'Association of Veïns Casc Antic' have also organised a vermouth with entertainment from 11AM to 1PM, before more events at the Plaça Comercial from 7PM that continue with several shows until late into the night.

6th Butifarrada

The Association of merchants and neighbours of the local market prepare a butifarrada (sausages) for all the public within the vicinity of Born's market, Carrer Freixures and Avinguda Francesc Cambó on Sunday 2 July from 1:30PM. The price will be €5 and will include a butifarra, some beans, bread and a drink.

Paella distribution
Popular Paella


Concerts during Sant Joan

What's a festival without concerts? As you'll have seen, these festivals coincide with the beginning of summer — more specifically with the legendary night of Sant Joan. That's why the festivities of the Born adapt around this night and organise a tremendous concert session on 23 June. They do it at the perfect location, Passeig de Lluis Companys, at the height of the Arc de Triomf. There will be an uproar starting from 8PM, but it will be at 11PM when the shows get started.

Concert in Passeig de Lluis Companys
Concert next to Arc de Trionf

A Room escape in a monastery

Monastery escape

A plan that we want to emphasise for its originality. The Parish of 'Sant Pere de les Puel·les' organises a Room escape in its monastery. A physical and mental adventure in which you'll have to solve enigmas and puzzles of all kinds. At the end, discover the mystery hidden in the walls of this temple and do it in less than 60 minutes. This activity will take place on Saturday 24 June and Friday 30 June. It's necessary to book first on the official website of the Sant Pere Church.

Sant Pere
Sant Pere de les Puel-les church


We then make a selection of highlights throughout the week during the festival. If you want to download the complete programme, you can do it here.

Thursday, 22 June

  • 7PM — Opening parade of the Festa Major at Plaça Sant Pere.
  • 8:30PM — Pregón of the feast and snacks at the Cloister of the Sant Agustí Convent.
  • 9PM — Follow the parade through the streets of the neighbourhood with Txaranga del Taller de Músics.
  • 10PM — International Women's Films Show at Plaça Sant Pere.

Friday, 23 June — At Passeig de Lluis Companys

  • 8PM — 'Revetllassu de Sant Joan'
  • 11PM — Concert of Germans Molèstia.
  • 1:30AM — Concert of La Mulata.
  • 3AM — PD'S Vinzenzon & Fulvio.

Saturday, 24 June at PJardines Pou de la Figuera

  • 6PM — 'Ens Vivim al carrer'. Music for all.
  • 7PM — 'Enrédate 2017'. Summer carnival. Roda de Samba.

Sunday, 25 June

  • 10:30AM — Guided visit of Sant Pere de les Puel-les.
  • 11AM — '7th Diada Bastonera del Casc Antic'. at Fossar de les Moreres

Monday, 26 June — Day for older people

  • 4PM — Activities of the different kinds. Plaça Sant Agustí Vell.
  • 7PM — Habaneras songs and preparation of the 'rom cremat'. Plaça Sant Agustí Vell.
  • 9PM — End of the day. Plaça Sant Agustí Vell.

Tuesday, 27 June

  • 5PM — Concert of 'Riborquestra' and 'Dansa amb Bacantoh' at the Cloister of the Sant Agustí Convent.

Wednesday, 28 June

  • 5PM — Workshop and circus show at Casal de Joves Palau Alòs.
  • 7PM — 'Roses sense espines' (Roses without thorns) Dance show at Casal de Joves Palau Alòs.
  • 9:30PM — Cine en la Plaça. Film dedicated to circus at the Pu de la Figuera terrace.

Thursday, 29 June

  • 6PM — 'Mazurka Clandestina'. Polish traditional dance at the Jardines Pou de la Figuera gardens.
  • 7:30PM — 'Paseo colectivo'. Anti-tour for public and private spaces. Starts at Antic Theatre.
  • 9:30PM — Cabaret Rai. Humour, music and circus show at the Jardines Pou de la Figuera gardens

Friday, 30 June

  • 6PM — 'Monastry Escape'. Mystery — physical and mental adventure in the style of a Room escape at Sant Pere de les Puel·les church. (booking is required)
  • 7PM — 'Workshop and tasting of world cuisine' at Plaça Sant Agustí Vell.
  • 8PM — Popular dinner and street theatre. Artwork "Carrer Alt" at Sant Pere Més Alt / Amadeu Vives
  • 9PM — 'Festival Zero3'. Concert of 'Esperit' (Man orchestra) at Cloister of the Convent of Sant Agustí.

Saturday, 1 July

  • 11AM — Vermouth and entertainment at Passeig del Born.
  • 12AM — Sardanas exhibition in front of Santa Caterina market.
  • 2PM — Popular Paella at Passeig del Born.
  • 6PM — Meeting of Gegants of the Casc Antic startint in Passeig del Born
  • 9PM–12PM — Musical performances and dances at Plaça Comercial.
  • 10PM — Popular dinner and street theatre. Artwork "Carrer Alt" at Sant Pere Més Alt / Amadeu Vives
  • 10:30PM — 'Correfoc de Festa Major' on Fossar de les Moreres.

Sunday, 2 July

  • 12:30AM - '1st Diada Falconera de Casc Antic' on Passeig del Born.
  • 1:30PM - 6th Butifarrada on Carrer Freixures
  • 8PM - 'Correfoc Infantil' on Plaça Sant Pere.
  • 9PM - End of Festival concert with 'La Balkan Paradise Orchestra' in the vicinity of the local market.
Correfocs Casc Antic

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