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Festes Sarrià

Festes de Sarrià

Festes de Sarrià
Sep 27 - Oct 06

The Festa Major de Sarrià (or Festival of Sarria) is a participatory event, even when it comes to organising it; many people from the neighbourhood get involved who are brought together through the Festes del Roser de Sarrià Commision. The neighbours personally take part in decorating their balconies and building façades, as well as organising community dinners around the many of the streets of the historical centre. Also, the numerous schools in the neighbourhood organise parades every year with traditional dances, Gegants (Giants), Capgrossos (figures with oversized heads) and Diables (devils).

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Sarrià was the last town annexed to Barcelona. Different to other towns annexed to Barcelona like Sants, Gracia, Sant Andreu, it was not incorporated by Royal Decree and delayed the process until 1921. Nowadays, the Festa Major, in honour of Our Lady of the Rosary, is one of the acts that allow Sarria's residents to affirm their identity.

Virgin of the Rosary worship spread throughout Catalonia during the 16th and 17th centuries, through the consecration of chapels and small altars. In the case of Sarrià, legend has it that the devotion comes from the beauty of the rosebushes that flourished every spring on the riverbed of a dry stream that crossed the city.

The Festa Major of Sarria as we understand today, has been run by the same commission since 1973.

El pasado de Sarrià
Sarrià - October 1935

Toc d'inici de Sarrià

The ‘Cercavila’ is a musical parade that has origins in Spain from the beginning of the 17th century and is interpreted by street musicians. There is a starting ceremony, traditionally held at 6PM. The route is: Casa Orlandai, Jaume Piquet, Major de Sarrià and Plaça del Consell de la Vila.

Children dancing
The stick dance

Trobada Gegantera

What is a Trobada gegantera? It's a meeting of Gegants (huge effigies and characters well-known to the neighbourhood) and musicians. There are celebrations and music while the neighbourhood's gegants dance.

The parade in the most central streets of the area are accompanied by other groups of gegants. The route is Plaça del Consell de la Vila, Plaça de Sarrià, Pg. Reina Elisenda, Carrer de Clos de Sant Francesc, Carrer de Pedro de la Creu, Carrer de Bonaplata, Plaça de Artós, Major de Sarrià and a return to Plaça del Consell de la Vila. The place where its celebrated will be Plaça de Sarrià. All of this is organised by the Comparsa de Gegants de Sarrià.

Gegants de sarria
The giants in a line

Sarrià in flames

The Correfoc is a spectacle in which the public interact with fire and diables (devils). It is generally celebrated at night, has a fixed itinerary and devils tend to appear in festive imagery alongside dracs (dragons).


To participate in the correfoc:

  • You must wear cotton clothes with a closed collar, long sleeves, neck scarf, hat, lightweight footwear that covers your feet, and earplugs.
  • You shouldn’t throw water as the powder is unpredictable
  • You shouldn’t take children in the first rows
  • You should always follow the instructions of the Servivio de Orden
  • You should not park vehicles on the route.

The organisation advises that you shouldn’t participate in the correfoc if you cannot comply with these security measures. Anyone who participates in the correfoc events are responsible for accidents that may happen.

Les Diables de Sarrià

Battle for Sarrià

This festivity includes different competitive events between two teams — Vicençs team (purple colour) and the Rosales team (green colour). Events include a tracks game in Sarrià, triples contest, cooperative test, sack race, pudding eating competition, car race, test of fire, and many more.

The team that gains the most points is the winner of the Battle for Sarrià. The competition is open to people of all ages who want to take part with all their friends, families and neighbours.

There's a lot of push behind this particular event. The organisers want it to be one of the main aspects of the celebrations and another reason to get out into the street.

Two teams
The battle for Sarria

Like every year, you can sign up on the website to participate or follow your team. Also, you can buy t-shirts from your team, so don't forget to wear them!


Here you can see the complete programme of the Sarrià events

El placate de Sarrià
Festa Major de Sarrià

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Sarrià-Sant Gervasi occupies a large area in the upper part of the city. Until the 19th century, this neighbourhood was considered as a zone that was separate to Barcelona. Sarrià-Sant Gervasi is full of things to visit. The view from 550 metres high at the beautiful Church of Sagrat Cor is well worth the visit.

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