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01 Sep 2017 | Estimated reading time: 4 minutes |
September events

The best events in Barcelona this September

The best events in Barcelona this September

Kick autumn off with some of the best events the city has to offer

September may mark the end of Summer for many places in the world, but Barcelona keeps warm for a while longer and the events are here to prove it. Children head back to school and life returns somewhat to normality... Right? ... Wrong! There might not be summer holidays anymore, but you can still choose from activities for all ages and tastes from concerts, cinema, festivals, sports, and more! For that reason, take a look at our monthly rentals in Barcelona and come and enjoy the city for a while.

Music events

Rolling Stones

On 27 September, The Rolling Stones will be performing in Barcelona. On this Wednesday, they'll be giving it their all at the Olympic Stadium of Barcelona. Their legendary songs continue to travel the globe before reaching our city. Tickets already sold out shortly after going on sale, but if you're lucky enough to have a friend with a spare ticket, you might want to start buttering them up already… Otherwise there are always the re-salers. Just don't miss it.

Brunch in the Park

Up until 17 September, you can still enjoy Sundays at Brunch in the Park, taking place around Montjuic. Live music, nature, activities for the whole family ... Enjoy the last days of summer with this very special brunch!

  • Brunch in the Park Brunch in the Park Jul 02 - Sep 17 Grab some brunch and then get ready for non-stop... Dancing!

BAM Festival

La Mercè includes a variety of activities, one of the most prominent is the Barcelona Accio Musical with a series of free concerts that take place in different parts of the city. You can find a variety of bands and solo artists of all genres, so you're sure to find a style you like!

  • BAM Festival 2017 BAM Festival 2017 Sep 22 - Sep 25 Don't miss the BAM Festival in Barcelona. Free concerts from an endless selection of musical styles.

Neighbourhood Festivals

Festes de la Mercè (Mercè Festivals)

The Festes de la Mercè (Mercè Festivals) are perhaps the most anticipated celebrations by proud locals, as they are in honor of one of the patron saints of the city. For one week (though the official festival is 22 - 25 September) the Catalan capital fills to the brim with free concerts, Castellers displays, correfocs, musical firework shows, street shows... There is tonnes for everyone all day and night! Do not miss it... ;)

  • Festes de la Mercè 2017 Festes de la Mercè 2017 Sep 22 - Sep 25 Concerts, traditional dances, Pyromusical, Castellers... Mercè celebrations are endless.

Festes de Poblenou

These Barcelona neighbourhood festivals might not be so well-known, but that is precisely what makes them special, unique and authentic. Enjoy all the activities they offer. Look here for the programme and take advantage of everything. There are concerts, traditions, food, music and much more.

  • Festes de Poblenou 2017 Festes de Poblenou 2017 Sep 08 - Sep 17 Concerts, shows, workshops, Castellers and much more this September at the Festivals of Poblenou.

Festes de Horta

If you missed the Festes de Gracia or if you simply want to repeat the experience, then you're in luck! The neighbourhood of Horta follows a similar tradition. Street meals, music, dancing, theatre and endless entertaining things to do with friends and family. Without a doubt, it's a perfect plan to take the children to have fun.

  • Festival of Horta 2017 Festival of Horta 2017 Sep 08 - Sep 17 Concerts, shows, Correfocs and much more with fantastic decorations. This September — The Festa Major of Horta.


The Mercè Run

September provides a good chance to keep in shape with the Cursa de la Mercè (The Mercè Run). Not only is it popular and open for everyone, but all earnings from the run go to charitable organizations, so get running for a good cause!

Cursa de Barça

Do you like to play sports or run like crazy? Do you like to get the most out of your body's capabilities? Then the Cursa de Barca is just what you need. It is organized by the same club, FC Barcelona. You will run with many other people who share the same desire as you to do sport. The race is 10 kilometres, nothing that you'll find impossible.


Tattoo Expo 2017

Towards end the month is a little art. Art is skin deep, because on 29 September Tattoo Expo will begin. The Fira de Montjuïc will host one of the most alternative events in the city, with many international artists attending and a full program related to the world of ink.

  • Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2017 Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2017 Sep 29 - Oct 01 The body is a canvas as you'll discover at Barcelona Tattoo Expo 2017 from 29 September to 1 October at Fira d...


For this 10th edition, Swab will host up to 80 art galleries from all over the world, offering both international and local works. Approximately 20,000 visitors are expected this year, coming to discover the creations of emerging artists in contemporary art.

  • Swab Barcelona 2017 Swab Barcelona 2017 Sep 29 - Oct 01 Escape from the elitism of contemporary art and discover a wonderful world of innovation and discovery as you ...


Expohogar will host exhibitors from 14 different sectors over 92 hectares of exhibit space. This fair will be divided over 3 different areas: Decoration and gifts, Jewellery and fashion accessories, and BCN Joya — reserved for jewellery and watches. The event takes place at an ideal time, just a few months before the Christmas season.

  • Expohogar 2017 Expohogar 2017 Sep 09 - Sep 12 Expohogar is a showcase of the latest innovations in the world of homeware, jewellery, fashion and crafts. It ...

Other events

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

The Magic Fountain of Montjuïc is famous for its colorful musical performances, throughout the year. This show of light, water, and music is unmissable if you happen to be in the city at the time, and it won't cost you a penny, so why not?

Cine Mercal Air

Outdoor short films at Poble Espanyol. During the summer we all want to spend a lot of time outside, so what better way to do it than watching short films with friends and a glass of wine. A summer alternative to the classic cinemas. The good thing here is that there's a combination of short films and gastronomic offerings. Every Friday in June, July, August and the first two Fridays of September.

National Day of Catalonia — 11 September

On 11 September in Catalonia, they celebrate National Day of Catalonia. Remember, it's a public holiday, so there's no work that day! In this article we leave you a series of tips to enjoy this day. We also offer some historical tidbits so that you can understand why this day is celebrated and show off your knowledge among your friends.

September Climate in Barcelona

September is a great time to visit Barcelona with excellent weather — 81% of days are sunny. The average temperatures oscillates between 19ºC at night and 25ºC at noon, with 7 hours of sunlight per day and 22ºC sea temperatures. That means there's plenty of time to sunbathe and go swimming.

  • Average temperature: 22°C

  • Average maximum temperature: 26°C

  • Average minimum temperature: 18°C

  • Sunrise between 7:18AM–7:47AM

  • Sunset between 7:35PM–8:24PM

Pros and Cons of coming to Barcelona in September

September is an excellent month to visit Barcelona. It's the start of low season, but it still has sunny weather. Here are our comments:


The very high temperatures of the summer are going away and everything becomes a little more calm. You can take advantage of the beaches that no longer have so many tourists. The city goes back to normal life and the centre will be less saturated than the last months of June, July and August. In addition there are three major festivals — Poblenou, Horta and the city-wide Mercè. Tremendous events like this will make you feel that summer is still in Barcelona.


What is good on the one hand — that which brings most of the tourism — on the other hand is a sign that the summer is over and the colder temperatures slowly start to return. So enjoy September because after you'll most definitely have to put on your coat. ;)

This concludes our list of things to do this September in Barcelona. It's almost impossible to not have fun! Also remember, on September 11 there's the Diada de Catalunya (Day of Catalonia) which is a public holiday throughout the region. On the 24th, La Merce is a public holiday in Barcelona. See you next month for October, #Barcelovers!

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