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22 Aug 2019 | Estimated reading time: 7 minutes |
Autumn and Winter

What to do in Barcelona: Autumn and Winter

What to do in Barcelona: Autumn and Winter

If you are asking what to do in Barcelona when it's cold, here are the best winter and autumn plans not to be missed!

When summer has ended and we start putting on our scarves, we begin to think about our next holiday. But who says you should only travel in summer? The climate in Barcelona allows you to enjoy a mild autumn and winter, where the temperatures are never too low!

In this article, we recommend the most appealing activities in the coldest month in Barcelona, beginning with cultural traditions, gastronomy and then festivals. You will find the most suitable activities for you: shopping, sports or night-life. Finally, relax in historical bars in Barcelona, getting a taste of the atmosphere.

To top it all off, remember that in low season the prices are low, so you can get the best holiday apartments in Barcelona at low prices!

The weather in Barcelona

Before we begin giving you our advice on what you can enjoy during autumn and winter, let us give you some advice on the climate and temperature in Barcelona.

The climate in Barcelona is Mediterranean, therefore we never have stormy and cold winters. There is not much rain because of its position on the east coast, not even in the autumn, as in the rest of seasons, and the temperatures remain high almost until the beginning of winter.

In the Catalan capital, the average temperature is 9ºC and there may be days where it reaches 15ºC. The coldest temperature that you will find in Barcelona is around 0ºC or 1 or two degrees below, but only on “freezing nights”.

Now that you know this, choose the route or activity most suitable to you among all the activities we are going to show you, go ahead!

Cultural Tour

The museums

We begin with a timeless classic: museums. Barcelona is home to some of the best museums in the world, they are really great. But how many people like to lose a day in the sun to see them? It often happens that we miss some of the most fantastic works to bask in the sun in the parks. That’s why we recommend that you use the autumn and winter months to become more cultured and fall in love with museums in Barcelona. If you’re not sure which to choose, here we'll show you them all!

Chocolate Museum

Who can resist chocolate, especially in the coldest months of the year? In Barcelona you can find the ‘Museu de la Xocolata’ where you will discover all the secrets of the most loved food by adults and children. During the visits, the museum provides many different initiatives, such as creating your own chocolate or tasting some pieces of chocolate… Here’s the official website for the museum to reserve your tickets.

The Cemetery of Forgotten Books

Carlos Ruiz Zafón is the Spanish author that has sold more books after Miguel de Cervantes and his works have been translated all over the world. The saga “La Sombra del Viento” takes place in the authors birth place, Barcelona.

If you have read some of the books from the saga, you can’t miss the tour that will take you to all the places described by the author. On the Internet you can find many agencies that provide this tour for different prices. But, whilst you decide, you can find out where the Cemetery of Forgotten Books is located here:

Gastronomic Tour

Typical products of Barcelona

You’ve still got plenty of time until your have to show off your body so this is the perfect time to do a culinary tour of Barcelona, which at this time offers many typical products that you won’t find at other times of the year. What are they?

In autumn you can find various typical delicacies such as panellets, a sweet typical of All Saints’ Day. You can also find typical chestnuts and sweet potatoes sold on the streets, much loved by the Catalans.

On the coldest days, try the famous ‘bombas’ typical of the Barceloneta district. These tapas are potato meatballs stuffed with minced meat and chips, served with brava sauce and hazelnuts (a typical garlic sauce). They will give you the strength you need to continue your route through Barcelona.

We also recommend the legendary churros with hot chocolate, and nougat during the Christmas period. Finally, if you decide to visit Barcelona on New Year’s Eve, don’t forget to have a glass of sparkling cava.

Where to eat typical products of Barcelona?

To be able to find good places to eat in Barcelona is becoming more difficult given the amount of tourists that visit the city every day. That’s why you’ll find some places with international food or fresh products. But don’t worry, here you will find advice on the different products typical of Barcelona and where to eat them:

Walk around the markets of Barcelona

In Barcelona the markets are everywhere: big, colourful and full of fresh products! They are also frequented by locals, a sign of quality. Take a tour of the different markets in the city, eat typical products and discover new aromas and flavours.

The markets in Barcelona are scattered all over the city, therefore we can help you with the help of a guide which can give you some tips and a map to find them all!

As they say in Barcelona, ¡Bon profit!

Parties and Festivals


Halloween, or more commonly known as Castanyada, is really celebrated in the Catalan region, especially in Barcelona. There are festivities of all kinds, for all tastes. Discover typical products, enjoy parties in clubs or search for witches in the Gothic Quarter. For all Halloween lovers, here are some more details on celebrating Halloween in Barcelona.

New Years Eve

With drinks and artificial fires at the Magic Fountain of Montjüic, starting the new year in Barcelona is something you have to do once in your life! The Catalan city offers many alternatives on how to spend the new year: Parties in the most beautiful clubs or a typical dinner in the best local restaurants. Here is are some tips so you can find the most suitable thing for you. And remember, take 12 grapes in the first 12 seconds of the new year, it will bring you luck!

If you come to visit the capital of Catalonia, ​​we will help you to find the best apartments in barcelona city centre. We offer apartments of different types, renovated and well furnished in all areas of Barcelona!


On Carnaval, travelling to Barcelona is worth it. Dress up and enjoy the warmth of the city. Discover all the Carnaval events here and where you can find the celebrations. Don’t forget to try the products of this time: Coca de Llardons and egg sausage.

  • Barcelona Carnival 2017 Barcelona Carnival 2017 Feb 10 - Feb 13 Join the Barcelona carnival, one of the most beautiful celebrations in the city!


Christmas Market

Christmas comes to Barcelona with much anticipation! The Christmas markets begin in the Catalan capital from the middle November, such as the Santa Lucía market. There are also the Sagrada Familia market and the Three Kings Fair on Gran Vía. You have the opportunity to buy original gifts at modest prices for Christmas!

Discover the Santa Lucía market and the unique characters of the Catalan culture, such as the Caga Tío or the Caganer.

The Nativity

No Catalan would miss the opening of the Nativity in Plaça Sant Jaume, which is done in the homonymous square right in front of the Palau de la Generalitat de Catalunya. This is a moment full of expectation in the daily lives of those who live in the city. If you love nativities, you can find them in various places in Barcelona. Also, you will see a special nativity. Every year, the chain El Corte Inglés opens a “Christmas Nativity” called “Cortylandia”, which is a meeting place for many children and adults.

Santa Eulalia

Saint Eulalia is one of of the two patrons of Barcelona. Homage is paid to her at the beginning of February with a party that takes place across the city. If you have been to the Mercè festival, you can’t miss the second most celebrated festival in Barcelona!


Shopping Night on Passeig de Gracia

This event is the most anticipated event by the all fashion lovers in Barcelona. Passeig de Graciaa, the most incredible street in the city, takes place for one night at the end of November. You can buy many discounted items and at the same time enjoy this historical street in Barcelona. If you are still deciding, look at the program from last year.

  • Shopping Night Barcelona 2017 Shopping Night Barcelona 2017 Nov 30 On 30 November the Shopping Night Barcelona returns, with over 100 shops, restaurants and hotels participating.

The best shopping centres in Europe

If you travel, but at the same time can’t give up shopping, Barcelona is the place for you in autumn and winter. Here, if it rains or is too cold, you can opt for a “tour” in the best shopping centres in Europe. See the massive Maremagnum where you can also hop over to the aquarium of Barcelona. Or go into the old bull ring in Barcelona, now the Arena Mall, where you can enjoy an impressive view of the city.

If you want to buy something, take a look at the best places to shop in Barcelona!

Excursions in Barcelona

To make the most of Barcelona and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences and emotions, we offer you the excursions through the Catalan capital organized by our friends - the GetYourGuide team. Choose your excursion and fall in love with Barcelona:


Play sports in winter and autumn? In Barcelona you can! You do not have to think about the usual winter sports, or those where you need to cover up. The Catalan capital brings anticipated sporting events to the city on the winter months. Here they are:

Christmas Crossing

Bathing at Christmas? This also happens in Barcelona when the bravest people challenge the cold waters of the port and throw themselves into an exciting crossroads. Would you like to join? Here you will find all the information you need!

Buff Epic Run

The craziest and most fun walk you will find in Barcelona. It consists of an obstacle course where all the participants should be dressed up! You will find this event at the Montjüic hill. Here, discover what the race was like last year.

Football games at the Nou Camp stadium

Do you really like football? Then… you are not the only one. The whole city waits for the winter months to watch and get excited about Barcelona Football Club’s goals.


The Catalan capital never sleeps, not even in autumn and winter. In fact, there are many alternatives that you can choose if you visit Barcelona in the low season. You could even choose to do a night tour of the city, but be sure to bring a coat!


There are many theatres in Barcelona that continue their marvellous productions throughout the year. Definitely something to experience at this time of year as you will miss all the endless queues. We recommend the best theatres in the Gran Teatro del Liceu right on La Rambla, the Palau de la Música Catalana as brilliant on the outside as the works that are carried out on the inside. Finally, don’t miss the burlesque performance in El Molino.


For all those who think that nothing goes on in Barcelona during autumn and winter, you are mistaken. In fact, there are many clubs that remain open (and full!) in the city. In this article, we recommend the best that you will find!

Ice Bar

For those who don’t know this special bar close to Barceloneta, don’t worry… the name says it all! Try this cold ice bar, it won’t seem like you are in Barcelona! To give you courage, we are giving you a discount on a cocktail. Information here.

Alcohol Tour

Last but not least, we can not afford to miss the alcoholic tour of Barcelona to try the most typical and strongest cocktails. Thank to our tips you will arm up on even the coldest days in Barcelona. Enjoy the best liquors in these historic places in Barcelona:

Els 4 Gats

The old bar in Barcelona, which started off as a hostel, was opened in 1897. Here you can try good Catalan food and relive the history of artists such as Picasso, who did two exhibits in it. Try a nice glass of local wine or a ‘caña’.

El Xampanyet

The historic bar in the district of El Born comes especially recommended for its anchovies, cava and the local sparkling wine it offers.

Bar Marsella

You can’t leave without visiting the oldest place in Barcelona, in the heart of El Raval. The bohemian atmosphere and the absinthe will transport you to another era.

Finally, here you can follow the tour, you can looks for these clandestine bars in Barcelona.

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