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Mercat del Ninot (Markets)

Ninot market

Mercat del Ninot or Ninot Market in English (which literally means Doll's Market), can be found in the south of Eixample Esquerre district, meaning it's relatively close to the city centre of Barcelona as far as residential markets are concerned. The most curious fact about this building is its name, which comes from when it was a tavern whose owners rescued a wooden doll (ninot) that was the figurehead for a ship to be dismantled. They returned to their tavern with it and proudly displayed it on the front of the building, and you can still see it today!

Inside Ninot Market, Barcelona
Inside Ninot Market


This market, like many others, has undergone a huge renovation. It took place between 2014 and 2015 and has resulted in a modern market precinct that hasn't lost the original spirit of the building or neighbourhood. The basement is a large storage space and parking for customers.

Olive stall at Mercat del Ninot in Barcelona
Olives stall

What I can find at Ninot Market?

This market is ideal for buying excellent fresh produce, especially for Mediterranean cuisine, such as fresh fish, meat, and vegetables. You can also sit and eat tapas or have a beer at the bars that are on the market premises. In addition, around the precinct there are dozens of clothing and accessories stalls.

Dried fruits and nuts at Ninot market
Dried fruits and nuts

Useful information

  • Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 157
  • How to get there: Metro station Hospital Clínic (L5)
  • Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 8AM – 9PM | Saturday from 8AM - 3PM
  • Website Mercats BCN
  • Accommodation: Flats found close to Mercat del Ninot - See list

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Mercat del Ninot
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