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28 Aug 2019 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |
Women's health

Women's health in Barcelona – IVF & Gynecology clinics

Women's health in Barcelona – IVF & Gynecology clinics

Why medical tourism for women's health is booming in the Catalan capital.

Are you a woman with a health concern? Perhaps you're worried about your fertility or sexual health. Don't stress. Did you know for example that Barcelona is quite easily the most prominent destination in the world for IVF treatment? There are also specialised centres in the city specifically for women's needs. You can find high quality treatments and affordable services, which is why this city is such a great destination for women's health.

Dexeus Women's Health Centre

What is the Dexeus Centre?

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A view of Dexeus Women's Health Clinic  in Barcelona
Dexeus Clinic Building in Barcelona

For most women looking for a private medical treatment in Barcelona, the first point of call is the Dexeus Women's Health Centre. It is an entire centre dedicated specifically to the needs of women, from woman-specific cancers, childbirth, fertility, gynocology, and even genetic treatments. They also have their own line of medical and beauty products.

Why visit Dexeus for IVF and other fertility treatments?

IVF close-up
IVF treatments are well-established in Barcelona

Apart from being the pioneers of IVF treatment in Spain, fertility treatments here go through the entire process, monitoring for potential issues throughout until pregnancy can officially be announced on day 14. The average pregnancy rate at the centre is 5% above the top end of IVF success rates, which is 45%. An entire cycle for a personalised service costs €4900, with no waiting lists.

Other types of fertility treatments at the clinic include:

  • Ovulation induction.
  • Artificial Insemination (from partner or donor).
  • IVM (In Vitro Maturation)
  • Egg donations
  • Embryo donations
  • Fertility preservation (freezing eggs/sperm)
  • Genetic Diagnosis of Embryos to prevent genetic defects
  • Assisted reproduction of couples where one is HIV positive (Serodiscordant)

Excursions in Barcelona

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Visiting Dexeus for gynecology and other women's health issues

Echography scan
An echography scan in Barcelona

For whatever type of concern you might have with your health, a consultation will put your mind at ease. There is a team of over 40 different gynecologists at the Dexeus Centre and a consultation is €59, from there the centre is equipped to deal with what ever problem patients might be having. In terms of experience, they have more than 60,000 visits each year for these kinds of problems. You can stay near the Dexeus clinic in one of these apartments.

Some of the common treatments at the centre include:

  • Vaginal infections
  • Irregular menustration
  • Urinary problems
  • Benign pathology in the breast
  • Endometriosis
  • Uteral miomas and polyps.
  • Premature menopause

Alternative women's health clinics in Barcelona

Iegra Tres Torres Clinic, Barcelona
Lab work at Iegra Tres Torres Clinic

Of course, just because a clinic is the most popular, doesn't necessarily mean that it's right for you. There is also a highly-specialised clinic called Fundació Puigvert that handles fertility issues, mentioned in this article. Whatever reason you need an alternative, whether it's because you're staying in another part of the city, you need a guarantee of pregnancy, or you prefer holistic treatments, here is a list of women's health and fertility clinics in Barcelona:

  • Institute Iegra Tres Torres:
    • This centre in Barcelona can guarantee you a pregnancy, and will try repeatedly over 2 years if a pregnancy fails. If impossible, your money is refunded. There are 3 centres:
    • Address: C/ Dr. Roux, 76, 08017 (Laboratory), C/ Sepúlveda, 125, 08015 (Sonography), C/ Balmes, 243, 1st floor, 08006 (Administration).
    • Long-term accommodation in Barcelona: Here
  • Clínica Ginecológica Sants:
    • Family planning, STDs, abortions, echography, and more.:
    • Address: C/ Roger, 23, 08028 Barcelona
    • Accommodation nearby: Here.
  • Eva Fertility Clinics :
    • Specialists in assisted reproduction, diagnoses, and preservation. They have 3 centres.
    • Address: C/ Ronda Universidad nº10, 08007, Avd Diagonal nº535, 08029, and C/Mallorca nº 273, 08008.
    • Accommodation nearby: Here
  • BarcelonaIVF:
    • Specialists in IVF treatments:
    • Address: C/ Escoles Pies 103, 08017
    • Accommodation nearby: Here
  • Barcelona Well Woman:
    • Specialises in natural remedies and treatments for women
    • Address: C/ Casp, 80 1o. 1-3a , Barcelona 08010
    • Accommodation nearby: Here

We think each of these services offers their own brand of women's health treatment, so visit the websites of each and decide which one is right for you! If you have any questions or experiences, then we'd like to hear them, so leave a comment below.

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