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28 Aug 2019 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |
Medical Tourism

Complete guide to medical tourism in Barcelona

Complete guide to medical tourism in Barcelona

A list of the most renowned specialist medical centres in the city.

It's a worrying thought isn't it? That something could happen to you or a family member and the treatment for it doesn't exist in your own country, is illegal, or is priced very unreasonably. As bad as it may be, the truth is that for many people this is already a reality. For people in this situation, more and more look to Barcelona as a location to visit as a 'medical tourist' to get the treatment they need to get healthy again.

In this series of articles we'll run through the most internationally renowned clinics in Barcelona that attract thousands of visits through medical tourism each year. In this first article, discover the reasons for visiting Barcelona for medical treatment and where to visit..

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Why visit Barcelona for a medical procedure?

There are a number of different reasons to visit, but did you know that Spain has one of the best life expectancy rates in Europe? It is the best place to be for a number of treatments, for example the World Health Organization says that it has the lowest breast cancer mortality rate in Europe and among the best care for stroke and coronary heart disease. Barcelona treats the highest number of foreigners in Spain and has the largest number of clinics.

Which specialist treatments is Catalonia best equipped for medical tourism?

Healthcare in Catalonia is the best equipped in terms of human resources (GPs, nurses, pediatricians, etc) and technology, especially for the following procedures:

  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy
  • Cancer treatment (Radiation Therapy and Clinical Trials)
  • Heart and circulation diagnosis (Digital subtraction angiography and Haemodynamics)
  • Bone diagnosis and treatment (Gammagraphy)
  • Full/partial body diagnostic machinery (CAT, MRI, PET)

Staying in Barcelona for Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment in Barcelona
Teknon Hospital one of the best cancer centres in the world

There are various clinics that have their own specialities. Like the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital specializes in childhood cancers, and Fundació IMOR in Brachytherapy. The Quirón Teknon Hospital specialises in blood cancers like lymphoma, leukemia, and bone marrow aplasia - diseases which award-winning Dr. Emilli Montserrat is an expert for at the World Health Organization.

There's also the Baselga Institute for many types of cancers. Finally the Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology is at the forefront of cancer research in Spain and regularly has innovative clinical trials for various cancers.

Excursions in Barcelona

To make the most of Barcelona and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences and emotions, we offer you the excursions through the Catalan capital organized by our friends - the GetYourGuide team. Choose your excursion and fall in love with Barcelona:

Women's health (IVF, Gynecology, and fertility clinics)

Assisted reproduction in Barcelona
Dexeus Clinic

For women who are in danger of a risky birth or with fertility problems, the Dexeus Woman's Health in Barcelona is best bet. It was the first clinic in the world to give birth to a baby from a serodiscordiant couple (one of the partners is HIV positive).

It's not just for health reasons too, many visitors come for other reasons, for example if you are a lesbian couple or a single woman - the liberal laws here will permit you to undergo reproductive procedures which may not be available to you in your country of origin.

Pediatric Care

Hospital Sant Joan de Déu
Pediatric Medical Treatment

Sant Joan de Déu Hospital is one of the leading children's hospitals in Europe and works with Barcelona's 'Hospital Clinic'. It has some of the largest visitor numbers in Europe and has a department specifically for arranging care with international visitors.

Eye healthcare

Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre
Ocular Health

Barcelona is home to one of the most renowned eyes hospitals in the world. The Barraquer Ophthalmology Centre was opened and is run by the Barraquer family, a surname that is widely respected in the world of eye-care. They have some of the most advanced treatments available in the world.

Cosmetic Surgery Clinics and Hair loss Clinics

Cosmetic Surgery and Hair loss in Barcelona
Cosmetic Surgery or Hair loss

Many are concerned with their own appearance and Anti-Aging Group Barcelona attracts clients from all over the world. Dr. Jesús Benito is an award-winning surgeon and has innovated various cosmetic surgery techniques that are used around the world.

Another type of clinic you can find in Barcelona are those for people who suffer hair loss. Barcelona is one of the few places in the world where you can find the FUE "New Dense" technique, a completely non-invasive procedure that leaves no scars, allowing up to 3500 insertions in a day at half the cost.

Other conditions

Specialised Clinics in Barcelona
Specialised Clinics

The medical specialist fields in Barcelona include other areas too. An internationally recognized name is the Guttman Institute, highly specialized in rehabilitating patients who have suffered spinal, nervous or neurological injuries. Fundació Puigvert focuses on Urology, Male Fertility, and Nephrology (treatment for kidney problems). Instituto de Otologia García-Ibanez is one of the birthplaces of treating Otology (treatment for hearing problems).

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