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Below you will find a list of articles that show Barcelona has many restaurants with quality traditional and homemade Catalan cuisine, suitable for all budgets. Some even have Michelin stars. You can find cheap apartments in residential areas of Barcelona where many great locales can be found.

Catalan cuisine has complex roots and developed throughout the centuries from various influences including the Greeks, Romans, Italian, and French. For this reason, you'll find ingredients and techniques that are common to other Mediterranean cuisines, which are famous for their healthy characteristics. Catalonia's version combines sea, land, and mountains, and each area of the country has its own dishes; for example, the Costa Brava varies from the Pyrenees.

The regional dishes convene into a flavoursome mishmash of gastronomy, like xató, empedat, and escalibada. Catalonia is fairly known for its desserts, like panellets, tortells, and crema catalana. By the coast you'll find a dish called esqueixada, a salad made with escarola, cod, and romesco sauce. There's also suguet de peix, consisting of seafood and fish served up in a broth. For mountain dishes, there's olla aranesa, a vegetable broth garnished with meatballs.

You'll find some informing articles to learn more about the local cuisine:

  • Choose your favourite Paella. Discover what's in the 5 different types of paella; vegetable Paella, meat Paella, seafood Paella, mixed Paella, and black Paella.
  • 10 Catalan starters. The typical starters of Catalonia, like samfaina and robellón.

But most importantly, you'll find articles on this page that will show you the best places to eat Catalan food in Barcelona:

  • The Three Best macrobiotic restaurants . Here we present a selection of vegan restaurants in Barcelona, which also follow the macrobiotic diet so you can eat healthily and naturally.
  • The best churros with hot chocolate in Barcelona. It's a specialty that is found in many places. The chocolate is thick and combines perfectly with churros, especially in winter! While it's not haute cuisine, we assure you it's delicious!
  • The 8 best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona . Barcelona is a 'Veg-Friendly' city, with an offering that continues to attract new fans to this coastal capital... And even converting a few people into vegetarians!
  • Tapas, pintxos, and mojitos in Barcelona . Barcelona is full of pinxto and tapas restaurants. A pintxo is a skewer of food on a small bitesize slice of bread. It gets this name because Pinchar in Spanish means "puncture".
  • The Five Best Catalan tapas bars. In this article you will find the addresses of the best tapas bars. Tapas is a small portion of a hot or cold dishes like "Pa amb tomàquet i pernil ibèric".
  • Top 10 brunch spots. While brunch is more of an Anglo-saxon cultural practice, Barcelona has internationalised and there are many fantastic places you can grab a meal at this time of day.
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