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21 Aug 2019 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |
Donald Trump Barcelona

Donald Trump - Mayor of Barcelona

Donald Trump - Mayor of Barcelona

What if Donald Trump had been elected mayor of Barcelona?

This is a fictional article. Don't worry, Donald Trump will never be Mayor of Barcelona (as far as you know). In any case, here I speculate on what the consequences would be. Satirical ideas such as an exodus in the Raval neighbourhood, stone extraction from the Montjuic quarry for the construction of the wall and the all round idea that we should laugh, because if not we'd cry!

At the end of the article we share a series of memes that make for some fun, to keep laughing at this serious matter.

We spoke with the locals of Barcelona and these were their reactions and answers:

And let's continue to imagine ... After Trump there and Mariano Rajoy here, there are few things that we cannot imagine. Imagine that what happened in the United States has instead happened in Barcelona and as you read, if you are not from here, you can compare it with your city, for instance by substituting the Sagrada Familia for the church of your town, if it were the case, and there you have it, your very own apocalypse.

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Now Imagine...

God Save Barcelona
God Bless Barcelona

"Donald Trump becomes the mayor of Barcelona." "God Bless Barcelona". "Donald Trump, 45th Mayor of Barcelona". These are some of the headlines which the newspapers opened with after the elections on 8 November. The controversial mogul who owns casinos, buildings and so on, will now be the conductor of the streets of the Catalan Capital.

Barcelona's people are wondering at this point if the building of the wall - as the candidate promised - will actually be realized. An iron wall that crosses the Collserola mountain range from Barcelona's river to the east. Its objective; to prevent those from neighbouring cities Badalona and l'Hospitalet from getting in, since, according to the new mayor, "they are people with a dangerously high baldness index. And some, I suppose, are good people. "

And the new leader of the city does not even want to see the immigrants. He has promised that he will deport the undocumented people of Barcelona and will prevent the arrival of people from Muslim countries who he calls dangerous.

One of the most ethnic neighbourhoods in Barcelona - Raval - is shaken by the statements, whose citizens now attempt to mask their ethnicity by putting the flag of Barcelona at the doors of their homes and establishments - an ethnicity of which they should in fact be proud to bring. They have likewise adopted the very Catalan Caga Tió as their one and only religious idol. (All praise Caga Tió, defender of the Barcelonian Dream).

Caga tió raval
Caga Tiós (All praise Caga Tíó, defender of the Barcelonian Dream) on show in Raval

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Politics and trade

As for his trade policies, Donald Trump has emphasized a hard struggle against shops of Chinese and Pakistan origin. Thanks to these stores, Barcelona is a city where you can buy almost anything during the week, when you feel like a beer or pizza at any time of day or night. Likewise if you suddenly need a light bulb, bathroom part, or a costume for the party that you were just invited to. To this day, this market is being monopolized. How dare they work on the weekends! But this is going to end. "It cannot be" said the tycoon. Under Trump, no one will work.

On the other hand, Donald wants to overthrow all from his predecessor in office. Things like the health reform from the previous mayor. People will have to continue to pay very expensive insurance companies to receive care at Hospital Clinic or Vall d'Hebron. The MACBA skaters, as the section of the population that sustain wounds and injuries suffer from falls, will struggle on without being able to remove knee pads and helmets, something they saw and hoped would change with enthusiasm because they wanted to show their gorgeous legs and beautiful sunglasses that now have to remain hidden.

Without forgetting climate change, which for the new mayor means nothing. Donald Trump does not believe in the 97% consensus amongst experts (because who needs experts, am I right?). So, in addition it seems that going by bike in the city will now serve for nothing but getting tired. Bye Bye, Bicing.

skater macba
Skater moments before the inevitable oncoming head injury

And let's not talk about his commitment to the right to bear arms!

Okay... We won't talk about that...

Social alarm

Markets tumbled for a moment before Trump's victory. The alarm went off in cities all over the world. Everyone wondered how this candidate had won. The people who voted for his opponent were surprised that, despite all the macho comments that the campaign launched and despite his reputation as a misogynist, his pretty partner just kept smiling at his side.

Meanwhile, in faraway and cold Andorra, a mayor whose name could be Putin rubs his hands and opens his arms to his comrade in Barcelona.

Over in the UK, when asked what it meant for Barcelona now that Trump was Mayor, Prime Minister Theresa May confidently stated "Trump means Trump". It's the most basic of 'circular reasoning', a term also used to describe Trump's mouth in the heat of a speech.

On the other hand, the new defense minister of Madrid, no more and no less than Lady Maria Dolores de Cospedal, was quick to congratulate Donald Trump on his triumph becoming the new mayor of Barcelona by retweeting a tweet of her party's leader, Mariano Rajoy, who was quoted as saying something in classic non-sensical Rajoy fashion along the lines of "The mayor was elected to choose the people to be the will of the mayor"..

rajoy trump
Rajoy VS Trump

What nonsense, right?

Nonsense perhaps, but as one fellow Spaniard mentioned on twitter: "Don't laugh so much, they believe we're Mexican too...". The victory of Trump has brought with it countless memes, funny occurrences shared across social networks that had us laughing at what should probably make us cry.

But... What the hell! Here we have come here to smile, so standing in the face of what has yet to come, it's better to smile. That's why we want to share a series of memes that have been most entertaining for us.

All praise Caga Tió, defender of the Barcelonian Dream

Memes that made us laugh

Trump Vs Annoying Orange trump meme alite
Fight the corporate elite by electing it!
Trump Simpson
The creators of the Simpsons already knew it.
First day of Trump as President
What would I do on my first day as president? Well...

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