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27 May 2013 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |
Apartments vs Hotels

Tired of Hotels? Find a Posh Apartment instead!

Tired of Hotels? Find a Posh Apartment instead!

Expectation is not reality

No more hotel for me!

Beautiful pictures of the hotel's large swimming pool, incredible buffet at the restaurant and spacious hotel rooms. Hotel ExpectationsAnd all this for an unimaginable low price. It sounds all too good to be true, but you're optimistic and decided to book the hotel for an unforgettable trip.

So you packed your suitcase and you're on your way. The trip went fine. No long waiting queue at check-in at the airport. The trip from the airport to the hotel took a while because you didn't know exactly where the hotel is located. Then, when you found it, the hotel didn't look anything like the photo on the booking web-site.

The large swimming pool on the photo turns out to be only 20 square feet, the luxury buffet is not included in the price and the photo of the hotel room is not the one you're staying in, but the most expensive suite the hotel offers.

You are probably familiar with this yourself. You can avoid a scenario like this by reading about the type of booking system that the accommodation website you're using has and if they will find you an alternative in this scenario.

Many hotels are housing as many guests as possible for the lowest costs. This means that they don't take good care of their customers.

Are apartments any better?

Well, of course when you rent an apartment the photo can be much better than the reality. But we are not working in that way. All photos on our website are really a representation of what you get.

The biggest advantage of an apartment over an hotel is the fact that you're personally welcomed by the same person who takes care of the apartment and they're ideal for groups and couples More over you will pay on arrival, so there is no risk that you have to stay in an accommodation you don't like.

Apartments vs Hotels

Great value for money

As you can see, both types of accommodation have their own advantages, but for those seeking the best value for money and traveling in large groups; apartments are quite clearly the better option.

So the next time you plan your trip, consider staying in an apartment instead.

And who is to say that you don't get value for money, here is a list of luxurious apartments in Barcelona for great value:

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