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Win a weekend for 2 in Barcelona

Win a weekend in Barcelona

Modernist Fair

Modernist Fair
May 30 - Jun 01
Paseo de Gracia

Feel like Gaudí himself in Barcelona!

The Barcelona Modernist Fair is a trade show on the street for 3 days, held in the framework of the Festival of the Eixample (Read more about the festivals of Barcelona here) at the beginning of June.

This initiative began over 10 years ago to revive the spirit of Eixample over 100 years ago when the modernist movement was in full swing. If you're a fan of Gaudí, you cannot miss it!

Feria Modernista de Barcelona
Activities at the fair

The fair has a wide range of activities to highlight the Catalan modernist movement, like a hundred stalls along the streets to buy handicraft products, children's toys, dances, performances, workshops, a large tent with vintage cars, exhibitions, silent films, puppetry, a miniature train, and a bicycle ride called Bicicletada Modernista . Naturally, the experience is even more modernist if one brings proper attire ;)

The main activities are along Carrer Girona between Av Diagonal and Aragó.

Barcelona Fira Modernista
Modernist Stand

More Information

  • Where: Eixample Dret. Get there via Metro Station Girona (L4) or Verdaguer (L5)
  • Price: Free
  • Website: Here (Spanish)
  • Accommodation Nearby: Stay in the same neighbourhood by booking one of these apartments in Eixample Dret

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