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Free parking

Where to park for free in Barcelona?

Where to park for free in Barcelona?

Finding free parking in Barcelona is hard, but not impossible!

Getting around a city by car is definitely easy and convenient, but the problems start with parking, especially in Barcelona. You have to be attentive to payment areas and resident zones to avoid penalties and an unplanned meeting with 'La Grúa' - or tow truck. So here are a few suggestions, including free parking places, neighbourhoods without green or blue areas, and hours where to park without paying anything in Barcelona.

The Catalan capital is a city that can be explored in many different ways. For tourists, the majority come to the city by plane and get around using public transport. Others decide to rent a motorbike or bicycle and get around on two wheels. There are also those who visit in a car, or simply now live here and need to get around independently. It's a struggle to find a place to park, let alone a free one...

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But whether you're just visiting or you do live here; if your intention is to find parking without paying anything , it is important to know the correct areas and rules, because fines in Barcelona are very expensive and 'La Grúa' is hiding behind ever corner (and it's just dying to meet you)! So to start with here are the basics of parking in Barcelona.

Parking Barcelona
Parking in Barcelona

Parking on the streets in the centre is NOT free

In the city there are two parking zones; green and blue. Two additional parking areas include loading and unloading bays and bus lanes.


The green parking bays can be found over 22 areas and are parking zones reserved mainly for residents of Barcelona who pay €1 per week to park within their area/neighbourhood. The price is higher for those who don't have a green parking card and without it you cannot leave your car parked for more than two hours.

During weekends though, from 22:00 on Friday, most green areas become free to park in. The same applies from 1st to 31st August, you can park in green areas without paying except in those strictly reserved for residents (which will be signposted). For more information, visit www.areaverda.cat.

Parking Área verde in Barcelona
Área verde

Excursions in Barcelona

To make the most of Barcelona and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences and emotions, we offer you the excursions through the Catalan capital organized by our friends - the GetYourGuide team. Choose your excursion and fall in love with Barcelona:


The blue area is a pay-zone for all and has a timed limit depending on the area (usually 1-4 hours). You pay Monday through Friday from 9h to 14h and 16h to 20h. Always read the signs on the parking metres though, because in areas like near the beach or city centre you'll even have to pay Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays. Outside those hours you can generally park for free. It's as simple as reading up carefully the times on the parking meters to not end up being snuck upon by 'La Grúa'.

Where to park in Barcelona
Blue Parking Zone Barcelona

Loading and unloading bays

The city has parking spaces dedicated to loading and unloading from trucks and vans, where they can leave their vehicle for a maximum of 30 minutes from Monday through Friday between 8h and 20h. These areas are marked with yellow zig-zags. Outside this time, these bays are available for parking.

Bus lanes

You can park during the weekends in some of the city's bus lanes. Usually lanes on wide streets, like Muntaner and Balmes. In any case, for it to be legal it there must be a sign stating the parking conditions, if there isn't one you're not allowed.

If you want to park your car safely, you can reserve low cost parking in the centre of Barcelona here. You can choose between 3 car parks with 24 hour surveillance, 365 days a year. The price is €16 per day (minimum 2 days). 

Practical Information

How to avoid the tow truck!

One thing is for sure, break any of the rules and you'll get a lovely visit from a tow truck, known in the local language as "La Grùa"

  • Spent too much time in a green or blue zone: You meet 'La Grúa'
  • It's 8:01 and you haven't removed your car from a loading and unloading bay: You meet 'La Grúa'
  • Obstructed a van that needs to unload: You meet 'La Grúa'
  • Parked in front of a garage (with a yellow no parking in front sign): You meet 'La Grúa'
  • Parked behind public bins, obstructing the bin men: You meet 'La Grúa'
  • Parked up in a bus lane on a weekday: You meet 'La Grúa' (and have shame brought upon your family)

If you're not sure, the best rule is to not park. A fine is the least of your problems compared to the stress and time you will lose going to the vehicle impound to try to get it back.

GoogleMaps helps you park your car

In the cities of Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, Valencia and Malaga thanks to GoogleMaps you can find parking and find out if you're wasting you're time looking for a space in a destination or if there is usually parking available.

Depending on the time and day of the year Google predicts how long it will take to find a parking space in a destination. In addition, this tool helps improve our time-management because this time will be added to the calculation of time in which we will arrive at our destination.

For such large cities and where the demand for parking is so high, we consider this tool more than useful and effective for both citizens and tourists.

Areas in Barcelona where you can park for free

The areas where you can easily find parking is in the outlying areas, that are less crowded. An example would be Zona Universitària or the Poble Sec, near Montjuïc. Here you can leave the car for as long as you want, without having to pay anything. Make sure you leave your vehicle in safe areas and also check that there is no event in the area (as in this case it is possible that La Grúa will take your car).

The disadvantage of these parking lots is having to leave the car away from the center and perhaps even away from the neighborhood where you are staying. But Barcelona has an exceptional public transport network and you will not be hard to reach your destination by bus or subway.

Here are the details for the zones in Barcelona where you can park on the street for free:

Zona Universitària - Palau Reial

Located at the top of Avinguda Diagonal, this is perhaps the most popular area to leave the car. It's where you can find a majority of the university campuses of Barcelona, because of that there are lots of parking opportunities. Of course, during term times in the week the spots are sought by students looking to park near their university, but if you come on a weekend or during the summer you'll have no problem. Here you can leave your car parked for as long as you want without having to pay anything.

Crossing Diagonal, you can park along Carrer Martí i Franques a short walk from Palau Reial Metro station (L3 Green Line). Many of the spots are usually available.


In the residential Pedralbes area in uptown Barcelona, you can usually park for free. There are various streets off of Avinguda Diagonal where you can leave your car. In fact, there are also universities here too with free parking, like the north campus of UPC. There are buses (busses 63 and 68) and it's also a short walk from Palau Reial station (L3 Green Line).

La Sagrera

Found in the Clot neighbourhood. This residential zone has various streets with free parking without time limits. There is also the old Sagrera goods station on Carrer de la Baixada de la Sagrera that usually has places to park in.

Shopping centres

Shopping malls such as La Maquinista, Diagonal Mar, La Illa, Granvia, Heron City, and El Corte Inglés offer free parking for the first two or three hours. The exception in the list is La Maquinista, which has 24h underground parking. There's also 24h outdoor parking.


The MNAC (National Museum of Art Catalonia) has free parking. That's in addition to the parking spots near Montjuïc stadium.

Vall d'Hebrón and Guinardó

Two residential neighbourhoods in uptown Barcelona where you can find free parking during the whole week.


It's difficult to get close to the beach in your car and still park fro free, but there are some places where it's still possible. Like the spots near Mar Bella and Ronda Litoral. If you try during the summer it is probably impossible, but in the remaining months of the year this area is an all round good place to leave your car.

Map of areas with free parking

Shopping Centres with Free Parking

There are shopping centers such as Diagonal Mar, La Illa, Granvia, Heron City, El Corte Inglés, etc:. Almost all of these centres offer free parking for at least the first two or three hours (the time to go shopping).


Of course, in the centre of Barcelona you will not find this wonderful furniture store with free parking, but in the quieter areas and on the outskirts, IKEA seems a very good option to park your car because there is always a space and you do not have to look for hours in the narrow streets of the city

La Maquinista

La Maquinista shopping centre, however, has free underground parking with no limited time (even at night). There is also an outdoor parking lot open 24 hours a day.

If you ask any resident about free parking advice, the answer will always be the same: "If you come to Barcelona, ​​do not drive." Finding free parking is not easy, but not impossible either. But I warn you, forget about parking in the old town without paying. It's more, forget about finding a free space! If you want to leave your vehicle near the beach ... there you are.

Where to park for free in Barcelona
Free car parks in Barcelona

New! If your car contaminates, you'll pay more

Last October, the Barcelona City Council has proposed a new standard where vehicles lower than 0 emissions or Eco, will have to pay more in the areas green and blue parking areas. This increase will be subject to how polluting each vehicle is and also to its size. The aim is to avoid the circulation of large cars, to reduce the CO2 index in the city and to encourage the use of clean vehicles such as bicycles or metros.

According to the new norm approved by the City Council, since July 21, 2017, the hour in parking rates on the public highway - Área Azul and Área Verde - is increased by two euros for all cars except those that are ecological and zero emissions.

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