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16 Aug 2019 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |

How to get an 'Empadronamiento' in Barcelona

How to get an 'Empadronamiento' in Barcelona

The steps and requirements to getting the Empadronamiento in Barcelona

Everyone living in the city of Barcelona has to complete some basic formalities, such as the Empadronamiento. In fact, if you plan to reside in Barcelona for a long time, it’s important that you get one. Here, we tell you the steps to follow to register for an Empadronamiento in Barcelona.

What is Empadronamiento?

Everyone who lives in the city of Barcelona has the obligation to be registered. Everyone is required by law to be registered in the Autonomous Community – province in which they live in Spain for more than six months a year. Also, you’ll need to have completed the Empadronamiento process in order to gain access to vital parts of life in Spain, such as the public health service and education system.

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Steps to getting your Empadronamiento
The steps to register for your Empadronamiento

This is one of the free bureaucratic processes and is essential to do so regardless of nationality. It’s straightforward, making the Empadronamiento one of the quicker processes that you’ll encounter in Spain (if there is no queue), and you will have to do it each time you change address so that you will be registered by the local council.

What can it be used for?

  • Request legalisation of residential or work permits.
  • Access municipal welfare services (e.g. social care and support).
  • Obtaining administrative documents such as social security.
  • Make changes to a driving license (or regulated driver’s license depending on the country of origin).
  • Inscribing children into a primary school, secondary school, university etc.

Attention: NIE – is just the number and document, this number is written on the TIE (Foreign Identity Card). DNI (National Document of Identity) – card for those who already have Spanish nationality.

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Documents needed for the Empadronamiento

Necessary documents
An example of the registration form for the Empadronamiento

Before you even step out the door to visit the council building, you’ll need the following documents:

1. The application form for the Empadronamiento (available at the office or online).

2. Proof of identification: Passport, DNI, residence card, NIE, etc (photocopy and original).

3. Proof of address:

  • If you are a tenant, a rental contract or signed authorisation by the owner (photocopy and original).
  • If you are an owner, you should bring the property deeds, purchase and sale agreement (photocopy and original).

If you reside without a contract, you will need a copy of the Land Certificate. This is a document which proves ownership of the property. It’s essential that you request the Land Certificate on this web page. It costs 20 euros (3 days of paperwork), if you need immediate delivery the price will be approximately 26 euros. In addition to the Land Certificate, you will have to present a copy of the DNI of the owner of the apartment.

Where can I obtain the Empadronamiento?

Junta Municipal del Distrito
Your District Council Office - Empadronamiento HQ

By Internet

1. Fill out the form online.

2. You can send this application form by post. Just to warn you, you only have a month to send the requested documents to the address indicated.

3. The confirmation of registration will arrive by post.

Steps to obtaining the Empadronamiento

So, to summarise all this information, here are the steps:

  • Have all the documents necessary
  • Look for your local office in the list of offices (open from 8:30am until 5:30pm): Here.
  • It’s essential to have a previous appointment, so that you can save some time. You can apply for one by telephone (the number is 101) or through the website.
  • The next step if to go to the “Ayuntamiento” or “Junta Municipal del Distrito” (there are administrative offices in every district) with all the documents to obtain your Empadronamiento in minutes.

Important: you have to take a screenshot with the date and the time of your appointment. This is essential, in case you do not receive the email.

I hope this has been useful! Good luck with all the paperwork and have a happy stay in Barcelona! :D

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