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Driving licence

Getting a Driving licence in Barcelona

Getting a Driving licence in Barcelona

How, why, and which companies to get driving lessons from?

A driving licence offers considerable freedom to move all around Spain. Also, getting a driving licence in another European country can be more expensive. There are many reasons to come to Barcelona to get one. You'll be reducing your costs and the time required to obtain it. First we'll cover the advantages and ways to obtain it, as well as administrative procedures for foreigners. After that we'll look at a selection of popular low-cost driving schools you can find in Barcelona.

Why get a driving licence in Barcelona?

Drivers in Barcelona
They have their driving licence and you can be next!

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One factor to consider when trying to pass your driver's licence is the price. Usually it's the cheapest or the best value schools that people look for. In Spain, the prices are roughly half compared to other European countries. If you're a really fast learner, then the cost can be as low as €600 with everything included for theory plus 20 lessons.

The process is less strict and in fact, there is no compulsory school hours to attend, so the waiting time for exams is reduced, allowing you to get your licence in record time compared to other countries.

The procedure

Obtaining a driving licence in an EU member country will make it valid in any other of the EU member countries. The first test is theory, which is carried out on a computer with 30 questions in 30 minutes (allowing a maximum of three errors) selected from a database of 15,500 questions.

The second test is a practical one of 25 minutes and is performed in Spanish, it consists of questions about the vehicle, 5 minutes of driving towards a destination and a 20 minute driving tour following their instructor's directions. If the practical test is not passed it must be repeated and you will have to wait at least 12 days. For most of those who have obtained a licence outside of Spain, they must do so again here.

Do I need to get a Spanish driving licence if I am from the UK or another EU country?

Up until 2015, it was not necessary to get a Spanish driving licence to drive in Spain if you were from an EU country. It is still not necessary if you are just visiting Spain, however you may need to if you are a resident. Those needing to get a Spanish driving licence, having lived at least two years in Spain, include:

  • If your licence is valid for more than 15 years and is Category A, A1, A2, AM, B or B+E
  • If your licence is valid for more than 5 years and is Category BTP, C1, C1+E, C, C+E, D1, D1+E, D or D+E
  • If your licence is permanent

Administrative procedures for foreigners

Necessary papers for getting a driving licence
Administrative procedures ...

To get your licence in Spain you must prove that you are a resident.

  • First get your NIE. You have to bring an EX-15 form, your identity card or passport, and proof of your activity in Spain. Then you have to make an appointment at the Spanish Foreign Office. After paying a fee of €10 you'll receive your NIE. You can also go to the Spanish embassy in your country to obtain the NIE that's valid for three months.
  • Second, you need to get an Empadronamiento. This will require a filling out the form alongside proof of your identity and proof of address.

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Driving schools in Barcelona

There are three popular driving schools in Barcelona. Hoy Voy offer flat fees with driving lessons of 45 minutes with prices ranging from €19 to €29, while Freedom offers a package that includes all kinds. Stop n' Drive was created with foreigners in mind, so they offer courses in English and French in addition to Spanish.

1. Practicatest English driving School (online)

Praticastest website
Praticastest Website and App

Practicatest is an online driving school that helps you to get the Spanish driving license in a quick and dynamic in English. We offer our students the latest and official DGT driving test to ensure their pass at the first attempt.

Their driving teacher (Laura) will help and solve you all the questions by whatsapp, mail or phone. Once you pass the theoretical driving test, we send our students to the best driving school in Barcelona, Madrid, Málaga, Alicante, Mallorca, Menorca or Ibiza.

  • Theory course in English with 60 days access: 35€
  • Theory course in English with 180 days access: 45€
  • Theory course in English with 180 days access + paper book: 59 €
  • Theory course in English with 180 days access + 2 practical lessons: 54€

2. Hoy Voy

Hoy-voy driving school in Barcelona
Hoy Voy driving school

This driving school is open from 6AM to 11:15 PM during the week and 8:15 AM to 9:45 PM during weekends.

Theory courses

Intensive courses Monday through Thursday, three hours of classes for two weeks. They also have an app available for tablets, computers and smartphones.

Driving lessons

A driving class is 45 min and is carried out mainly in the area where the test will made.

  • Theoretical courses: €193 which includes course materials and registration fee.
  • Practical driving lessons: Between €19 and €29. The price varies depending on demand.

Website: Hoy Voy (Spanish)

3. Freedom

Freedom driving school, Barcelona
Freedom driving school
Theory courses

8-day intensive courses for 3 hours per day.

Driving lessons

Flexible course schedules where you can take 45-minute practical classes each day with experienced teachers around the examination areas.

  • Theory course: €195. The theory course gives you access to the aforementioned 8-day intensive course. The €90 DGT admin fee from the examination body is not included.
  • Practical course: €480 for first 20 lessons (€24/class)After that the price increases to €34 per lesson.

Website: Freedom (Spanish)

4. Stop'N'Drive

Stop 'n' Drive Driving school
Stop 'n' Drive driving school

In February 2014, Mayk Mistri created the first trilingual school. This driving school offers courses in Spanish, English and French. This is the best alternative for foreigners who do not speak Spanish.

Theoretical courses
  • Online courses : From your home, you have access to videos and to test for a month
  • Intensive courses : Driving school in Barcelona, you have 20 hours of classes spread over two weeks.
Driving lessons

Driving classes are available as an hour and a half or 45 minute lessons. There is no minimum number of driving hours. A reservation can be made on the website or directly to the agency and you also have the option to cancel the course.

  • School Admin Fee: €85
  • Online theoretical course: €162 (for videos) and €50 (for testing)
  • Classroom intensive theoretical course: €200 + €52 online test (aeol valencia) + theoretical English book + €30 Set-up fees + €90.30 Dpt. of Motor Vehicles Official Tax + Access of the mock driving school test (this includes two attempts without paying extra)
  • Driving lessons: Between €21 and €31
  • Review of traffic rules: Free (€42 to do it a second time)
  • Driving exam: €42

Website: Stop'N'Drive (English)

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