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29 Aug 2019 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |

Curious Barcelona

Curious Barcelona

Discover All of its Secrets!

Who has not gone through a place a thousand times and each time discovering something new, like some small details that go unnoticed and hide a part of history in your city? Discover some of these curiosities for yourself with these 16 fun facts, from small tidbits to unusual tourist attractions..

If you think you've seen it all in Barcelona then hold up, because you're about to read about some Barcelona curiosities that elude many visitors to the Catalan capital. You may not believe some of them, so you'll personally have to see for yourself that they're not fibs!

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Did you know that in Barcelona...

  • ... The footprints of prostitutes have been preserved in the floor between numbers 22 and 24 on Las Ramblas. These holes would have been made under the weight of the heels of these working girls for years on end and have caused the marble to wear away. That was until 1956 when a decree was made that stopped this.

    Footprints on Las Ramblas
    Footprints on Las Ramblas
  • ... At number 17 on calle Ramelleres, there is a circular window known as "El Torno" or "The Lathe" of the Orphans. Single mothers were frowned upon in these days and they left their children through this hole so that the nuns would take responsibility for them instead. This window was used up until 1931.

    Lathe of the Orphans
    Lathe of the Orphans
  • Excursions in Barcelona

    To make the most of Barcelona and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences and emotions, we offer you the excursions through the Catalan capital organized by our friends - the GetYourGuide team. Choose your excursion and fall in love with Barcelona:

    ... You can take a guided tour through the Cemetery of Montjuïc where you can find great works of art. On the routes of San Olegario, Santa Eulalia, San Jose, and San Francisco, you can see a huge number of artwork made from marble, wrought iron, and bronze.

    Angel at the cemetery of Montjuïc
    Angel in Montjuïc
  • ... The first traffic light in the city was erected in 1929. An example of these lights can be found on Calle Comte Urgell. They were painted in grey and crowned by a lamp, one located in the middle of the intersection between Calle Buenos Aires and another located between Calle Londres.

    The First Traffic Light
    The First Traffic Light
  • ... On the façade of the super-famous Sagrada Familia there is a magic number square. Though it may seem mysterious at first, all of the numbers always add up to 33 in each direction, a significant number in Christianity as it is the age of Jesus when he was crucified. It is on the Passion façade, which depicts this chapter from the Bible.

    Cuadrado Mágico Sagrada Familia
    Cuadrado Mágico
  • ... The Columbus Statue doesn't point to the Americas at all. If it were to point in this direction, he would be pointing inland. There are two theories, the first being that those who erected it were rather geographically challenged, and the other being that it just makes more sense to have Columbus pointing out to sea.

    Estatua de Colón, Barcelona
    Estatua de Colón
  • ... You can visit one of the thousands of bomb shelters that citizens would have used during the Spanish Civil War. It is called Refugi 307 or "Shelter 307".

    Refugi 307 barcelona
    Refugi 307
  • ... Portal del Ángel at one point was the entrance into Barcelona and upon it was a statue of an angel. These days, that statue can be found on the façade of one of the first buildings on the street. Can you find it?

    Portal del Ángel, Barcelona
    Portal del Ángel

Want to know more curious things about Barcelona? Don't worry, check back next week for part two!

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