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05 Sep 2019 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |
Attractions Survey (Infographic)

What to visit in Barcelona (Survey + Infographic)

What to visit in Barcelona (Survey + Infographic)

We answer "What do Barcelona visitors choose as their 'best attraction'?"

1454 visitors to Barcelona from 15 different nations responded to our survey which included the open ended question “Which is the best place to visit in Barcelona?”. We analyze the data of this part of the survey and compile the results into a handy infographic.

Survey Details

If you come to visit the capital of Catalonia, ​​we will help you to find the best apartment in Barcelona. We offer apartments of different types, renovated and well furnished in all areas of Barcelona!

At OK Apartment, we are interested in learning about the habits of travellers who visit Barcelona, for example; what are their preferences and first impressions when it comes to this wonderful city.

So, after each trip to Barcelona, we send our clients a quick survey of 6 questions in order to understand better what they appreciate and get out of the city and share it with other travellers. As a thanks for filling out the questionnaire, participants are rewarded with a discount off of their next stay.

The question that has been analyzed in this post is "Which is the best place to visit in Barcelona?". Some people responded by saying a certain road or area, others mentioned attractions or the beaches. The result is a list of the pulling factors for visitors to Barcelona. So here is what our sample of 1454 visitors from around the world think.

A Large and Diverse set of Opinions

The infographic below shows that there is a huge choice of recommendations by visitors, and because the city has so many pulling factors, there is a general lack of agreement when it comes to saying what is the best sole reason to come to Barcelona.

With that said, just over 1 in 10 (14%) would recommend the Sagrada Familia basilica as one of the main reasons to visit the city... The only other attraction that reaches at least 1 in 10 people as a recommendation is Park Güell. That is to say then, that 8 out of 10 visitors have other ideas completely about what is the best place to visit in Barcelona.

To further demonstrate a lack of agreement between visitors, the third most popular response and first non-gaudí answer at 6% is "Barcelona in General". With so many favourite places to visit throughout the city, many will simply avoid narrowing it down by replying with a generalized answer to better encapsulate their vision of the city.

According to the results Barcelona has a total of 78 different pulling factors in the city. Out of these 78 points of interest, the bottom 51 and majority (65%) each have less than 10 people who agree it is the best, 17 (22%) each have between 10 and 44 agreements, but the top 10 (13%) each have with between 50 and 199 agreements.

Top 10

  • Sagrada Familia: 199 (14%)
  • Park Güell: 176 (12%)
  • Barcelona in general: 90 (6%)
  • Ramblas: 84 (6%)
  • Beaches: 76 (5%)
  • Barrio Gótico: 67 (5%)
  • Casa Batlló : 62 (4%)
  • Montjüic: 61 (4%)
  • Gaudí in general: 55 (4%)
  • Camp Nou: 50 (3%)

If the pulling factors are placed into categories (for example, Museums, Markets, etc), it becomes extremely clear what the main allure of the city is.

The first thing you see when taking a look at the infographic is that attractions from Gaudí are agreed upon by around 4 out of 10 visitors (36%). Tying for second place is the Montjuïc part of Barcelona with attractions like "The Magic Fountain", charming districts of the city like "Barrio Goticó", and famous streets, a category which itself is dominated by "Las Ramblas". The "Others" category is the second largest and mainly consists of "Barcelona in General" followed by "Beaches" and "Camp Nou".

Holiday or Quick Break?

The length of stay for respondents varies from a weekend stay to more than a week. For visitors who stay only a weekend or 3-6 days, the tendency to respond with the most obvious answers is stronger, such as the "Sagrada Familia", "Park Güell", and “Las Ramblas”. This implies that those who come to Barcelona on a quick visit do not tend to step off the beaten path due to lack of time and are quite happy following the standard tourist recommendations. However, when staying one week or longer it seems that people really do have more than enough time to explore. These visitors tend to stray from the normal path and submit recommendations for places not necessarily on the 'tourist list', like Tibidabo.

How it relates with other known statistics

According to the Statistics from the Barcelona Tourist Board from 2013, there is a section on "Top 10 Number of Visitors to places of interest". What we learn from this is that a visit doesn't necessarily entail a recommendation with only the "Sagrada Familia" matching the position in our top ten. Also in both top tens is "Camp Nou". We can say then, that many people visit these attractions and would also recommend them to other visitors. This makes them some of the strongest pulling factors to the city.

On the other hand, many people visit Barcelona aquarium, which is the second most visited place in the city, but not even a significant amount have recommended it in our survey. The aquarium can't really be defined as a pulling factor to Barcelona for the majority of visitors; most likely because this very same type of experience can be had in many other cities around the world.

Excursions in Barcelona

To make the most of Barcelona and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences and emotions, we offer you the excursions through the Catalan capital organized by our friends - the GetYourGuide team. Choose your excursion and fall in love with Barcelona:


We think that by looking at the infographic, you'll be able to see an accurate representation of what tourists expect when they visit Barcelona and come up with your own interpretations. We also understand better than ever that selecting a favourite place is a hard choice for tourists to make, what with so many unique places that the city has to offer. But... We wouldn't have Barcelona be any other way :)

We love you Barcelona, just the way you are.

Here is the infographic that gives an overall visualization this survey, as well as the top 5 recommended factors of Barcelona from various nations:

An infographic about the best attractions in Barcelona
(Infographic) What do Barcelona visitors choose as their “best attraction”?

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Here is the same infographic, but with a data from specific nationalities:

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Guest Writer

Harriet Freeman Harriet Freeman
Veteran blogger who lives in Barcelona, to inform about the most interesting places, known by all, and the most hidden secrets of the city!

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