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Everyone can collect entries for the prize draw of our contests by participating in our guide & community. Below you see how you can collect entries.

Every now and then we raffle off great prizes.

There is no limit to the number of entries you may collect. The more you collect, the bigger the chance to win!

To make it fair for everyone we reset the number of entries back to zero after every draw.

What can you win?
Win a weekend for 2 in Barcelona

Win a weekend in Barcelona

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1 entry

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The Barcelona Specialists
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Our office is located in the centre of Barcelona.
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More than 900 holiday rentals and 600 deals.
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More than 450 monthly rentals from €400/month with supplies included. Great prices without hidden costs.
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We live in Barcelona and love our city!
In the OK Community you will find events, articles, prize draws, and more!

An apartment for all needs

Select an area and discover the benefits of staying there

Map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map map 80 33 128 13 79 0 2 19 3 71 0 85 6 174 152 1 110 11 55 84 155 46 51 0 7
Sarrià - Sant Gervasi
80 apartments
Les Corts
33 apartments
128 apartments
13 apartments
79 apartments
Nou Barris
0 apartments
Sant Andreu
2 apartments
Poble Nou
19 apartments
3 apartments
71 apartments
0 apartments
85 apartments
Diagonal Mar
6 apartments
Eixample Dret
174 apartments
Eixample Esquerra
152 apartments
Esplugues de Llobregat
1 apartments
110 apartments
Hospitalet de Llobregat
11 apartments
Poble Sec
55 apartments
84 apartments
Sagrada Familia
155 apartments
Sant Antoni
46 apartments
Sant Marti
51 apartments
Santa Coloma
0 apartments
Vila Olímpica
7 apartments
LesCorts Sant_Gervasi Gracia Horta NouBarris Sant_Andreu Sants Raval Gotico Born Barceloneta Vila_Olimpica Poble_Sec Sant_Antoni EixEsq EixDret Sagrada_Familia Poblenou Diagonal_Mar Sant_Marti Besos Badalona Santa_Coloma Hosp_Llob Esp_Llob

How long will you stay in Barcelona?

Are you travelling to Barcelona as a...?

Your ideal accommodation needs to be...?

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Barcelona Community

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Barcelona events

Estació del Nord‎ 08018
27 September
Plaza de España
28 September

Latest Interactions

  • profile picture Symon Caliandro about Barceloneta:
    It looks like a fun place to visit1
  • profile picture Sandra Moran about Barceloneta:
    It's fantastic
  • profile picture Michelle Li about Sarrià - Sant Gervasi:
  • profile picture Marko Gerdes about Nova Mar Bella:
    peace and quiet!
  • profile picture Devesh Raghuwanshi about Barceloneta:
    its all what I need
  • profile picture Susan Patterson about Barceloneta:
    its all what I need

What are our clients saying?

1169 reviews on listed apartments

Apartment Rosselló Espanya II
The apartment is quiet despite its central lo...
Manuela Schrodt
21 September 2014
Apartment Diputación Urgell III
The location, next to Plaza de España and Pl...
21 September 2014
Apartment Avinyo Gótic
Location excellent room Good.. generally like...
Michail Rapoport
18 September 2014
Apartment Cicero Sants II
Very modern and bright. Because of my circums...
María Molina
18 September 2014
583 OK Apartment 9.2 10
  • The service is good and fast, simple and intuitive website
    Michail Rapoport
    18 September 2014

  • fine service good prices
    Ghassan Al-khatb
    11 September 2014

  • Web site well done, easy to book, sure
    Mirco Friso
    11 September 2014

  • Everything ran without any problems, from booking right through to the keys. At any time!
    Uwe Jahreis
    09 September 2014

  • Nothing to say about the online service, it seems okay.
    Alessandro Tedesco
    09 September 2014

  • The information on this site is true, all the major issues are explained, the reservation and confirmation is instantane...
    Sergey Andreev
    06 September 2014

  • The information provided was safe, the booking process took place with normality and provided a good service to the client.
    Catarina Veiga
    06 September 2014

  • Everything simple and straightforward, without any hitch.
    Clelia Ocarino
    05 September 2014

  • Great service, punctual, helpful and honest, nothing to plead it!!! Congratulations and thanks for your work.
    Riccardo Feltrin
    05 September 2014

  • Evaluation of service-very good. Timely provision of information. Finding a replacement when a problem occurs with the i...
    Максим Смирнов
    03 September 2014

  • Because the apartment much.
    Дарья Соловьева
    02 September 2014

    Fabrizio Agnoloni
    31 August 2014

  • respecto a este apartado todo muy correcto.
    Isabel Barranco
    26 August 2014

  • Was glad to go with you.
    Alexandr Koltsov
    26 August 2014

  • It was all very simple and online booking contact home in loco.
    Uliana Renato
    25 August 2014

  • We chose your service because the rental prices are reasonable. The team is effective and the booking process is safe.
    Caroline Gigleux
    25 August 2014

  • Excellent site, very clear and comprehensive
    Stefania Borghi
    23 August 2014

  • Excellent security service
    Vincenzo Velardo
    21 August 2014

  • Excellent service and accurate, if I return to Barcelona I would ne'er have striven to ok apartment
    Pietro Romano
    20 August 2014

  • Excellent service and availability
    Maria Pasquale
    19 August 2014

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