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Grec Festival

Barcelona Grec Festival

Barcelona Grec Festival
Jun 13 - Jul 31
  • When: July 2018
  • Where: In different venues around Barcelona
  • Price: Dependent on the show
  • Accommodation Nearby: Stay near the Grec Festival in a Sants–Montjuïc apartment
  • Buy Tickets: Buy tickets to a scheduled show online here
  • Website: Take a look at the

The Barcelona Grec Festival Returns

As part of its 42nd anniversary celebration, the Barcelona Grec Festival takes place in July with a program full of theatre, dance, music and circus acts. It also includes an extensive program of activities aimed at both professionals and the general public.

With the aim of bringing culture to as many people as possible. There are performances by large national and international acts both mainstream and experimental. It's for all ages, including children with a section called Mini Grec.

La Veronal
La Veronal dance company

In this edition, you can enjoy these spectacles in the Greek theatre and other locations around Barcelona:

  • Dance:The dance performances will take place in July in famous venues around the city, like Sala Apolo and Teatre Grec.
  • Theatre: 30 performances organized over July in many theatres around the city, including Antic Teatre. There are also shows scheduled outside the typical scenario, such as the Archaeology Museum of Catalonia.
  • Music: The concerts will also take place in July at the Jamboree, Sala Apolo and Harlem Jazz Club, among other venues.
  • Circus: Six shows organized at the Mercat de les Flors, Archaeology Museum of Catalonia, Teatre Lliure and Teatre Grec.
  • Mini Grec: Many activities and shows for children.
  • More Grec: Other cultural activities, for example at the libraries of Barcelona.

You can already buy tickets on the websites of the specific venues where the concerts will be held. Check out the page of the festival where you will find everything, and from there you can also access the concert you like.

The Program

30 June - Opening Ceremony - Plaça Margarida Xirgu, Montjuïc - Music

July 1st-2nd - Bangkok - La Villarroel - Theatre

July 1st-2nd - La Veronal - Teatre Grec - Dance

July 1st-2nd - La Voix Humaine - Mercat de les Flors-Sala MAC - Theatre

July 1st-3rd - Motis-Chamorro Sextet & Young Jazz Band - Jamboree - Music

July 1st-8th - VIP - BARTS - Theatre

July 1st-18th - L'Ültima Cabaret - Pati Manning - Theatre

July 1st-26th - Penso en Yu - Sala Beckett - Theatre

July 2nd-5th - Premis i Càstigs - Teatre Lliure-Sala Fabià Puigserver - Theatre

July 2nd-19th - El Carrer Franklin - Teatre Nacional de Catalunya - Theatre

July 2nd-26th - La Tortuga de Califòrnia - La Seca-Espai Brossa - Theatre

July 2nd-26th - Neus Català: Un Cel de Plom - Sala Muntaner - Theatre

July 2nd-30th - Concerts de Petit Format - Teatre Grec - Music

July 2nd-August 1st - Cabaret Sensorial - Teatro de los Sentidos - More Grec

July 3rd-5th - Este Lugar Entre: Prethink and Free Action - Antic Teatre - Dance

July 3rd-5th - Helverova Noc (La Nit d'Helver) - Teatre Romea - Theatre

July 3rd-5th - Jordi Cortés/Associació Kiakahart - Mercat de les Flors-Sala PB - Dance

July 3rd-7th - Sala Montjuïc - Fossat de Santa Eulàlia-Castell de Montjuïc - More Grec

July 3rd-26th - Cosas que se Olvidan Facilmente - Mercat de les Flors - More Grec

July 4th-5th - Faboo - Teatre Tantarantana - Mini Grec

July 4th - Lluc Casares Quintet featuring Miguel Rodríguez - Jamboree - Music

July 4th-7th - Pals - Mercat de les Flors-Sala OM

July 4th-8th - Joan Manel Serrat - Teatre Grec - Music

July 4th-11th - X Obrador d'Estiu de la Sala Beckett - Nau Ivanow - More Grec

July 5th-7th - Jove Big Band - Jamboree - Music

July 5th-7th - Veus Paral.leles 13 - El Born Centre Cultural - More Grec

July 6th-8th - Sol Picó - Mercat de les Flors-Sala MAC - Dance

July 6th-28th - Taller d'Espectadors - Various Venues - More Grec

July 7th-9th - Susana Sheiman&Open Gate Quintet - Jamboree - Music

July 7th-10th - International Performing Arts Meeting - Various Venues - More Grec

July 8th-9th - Petjades - La Vilella - Mini Grec

July 8th-10th - Mandrake/Tomeo Vergés - Mercat de les Flors-Sala PB - Dance

July 8th-10th - Sabine Dahrendorf/Josep Sanou - Museu d'Arqueolgia de Catalunya - Dance

July 8th-12th - CaRRousel - Plaça Magarida Xirgu - Theatre

July 9th - Ismael Serrano - Teatre Grec - Music

July 9th - Moviment d'Insurrecció Sonora (MIS) - Hiroshima - Music

July 9th-10th - Pacifico #1. America es un mar con otro nombre - Antic Teatre - Theatre

July 9th-11th - Cie Adran M/Claire B - Teatre Lliure-Espai Lliure - Dance

July 9th-11th - Fuga - Mercat de les Flors-Sala OM - Circus

July 9th-12th - 2015 Com a Possibilitat - CCCB - Theatre

July 9th-26th - El Teatre i La Pesta - Teatre Akademia - Theatre

July 10th - Diego el Cigala - Teatre Grec - Music

July 10th-11th - Cia Adran M/Claire B - Mercat de les Flors-Sala MAC - Dance

July 10th-12th - En Avant, Marché! - Teatre Lliure-Sala Fabià Puigserver - Theatre

July 10th-12th - Juan Perro - Jamboree - Music

July 11th - Kyle Eastwood - Teatre Grec - Music

July 11th - José James - BARTS - Music

July 11th-12th - Electric Babyland - Fundació Joan Miró - Mini Grec

July 11th-12th - Sekvantaro - Antic Teatre - Theatre

July 13-14th - Guerra - BARTS - Music

July 14th - Anton Jarl & Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de Músics - Jamboree - Music

July 14th-15th - Thomas Hauert/Group La Bolsa - Teatre Lliure-Sala Fabià Puigserver - Dance

July 14th-18th - Digue'm la Veritat/Cia. Eòlia - Museu d'Arqueologia de Catalunya - Theatre

July 14th-18th - IT Emergents - Institut del Teatre - More Grec

July 15th - Barcelona Big Blues Band & Miriam Swanson - Jamboree - Music

July 15th - Lisandro Aristimuño - BARTS - Music

July 15th-17th - Peeping Tom - Mercat de les Flors-Sala MAC -Dance

July 16th - Carla Cook Quartet - Jamboree - Music

July 16th - In Crescendo & Canabile - BARTS - Music

July 16th-19th - Amor & Shakespeare - Teatre Grec - Theatre

July 16th-19th - Bluf - Mercat de les Flors-Sala PB - Theatre

July 16th-19th - Federico García - Hiroshima - Theatre

July 16th-August 2nd - Socrates. Juicio y muerte de un cudadano - Teatre Romea - Theatre

July 17th - Fantasies d'un Temps - Antic Teatre - Dance

July 17th - Janine Johnson presents ... A Night of Bond - Jamboree - Music

July 17th - Lambchop - BARTS - Music

July 17th-18th - Noname Sosu/Sundsoo Ahn Pick-up Group/Company Siga - Mercat de les Flors-Sala OM - Dance

July 17th-18th - The Artist - L'Auditori - Music

July 17th-19th - Marat/Sade - Teatre Lliure Gràcia - Theatre

July 17th-19th - Souers - Teatre Lliure-Sala Fabià Puigserver

July 18th - Clara Peya - Luz de Gas - Music

July 18th - Elektropical Fever Fest II - BARTS - Music

July 18th - Janine Johnson presents ... Soul in the City - Jamboree - Music

July 18th-19th - El Intrepido Viaje de un Hombre y un Pez - La Vilella - Mini Grec

July 18th-19th - La Cultura - Antic Teatre - Theatre

July 19th - The Big Jamboree featuring Big Dani Pérez - Jamboree - Music

July 20th - Agustí Fernández Celebration Ensemble - Mercat de les Flors-Sala OM - Music

July 20th-26th - Festival de Dramatúrgia sobre la Crisis PIIGS - Nau Ivanow - More Grec

July 21st - Christopher Cross - BARTS - Music

July 21st - Nit de Musical: Una Nit de Broadway - Teatre Grec - Music

July 21st-25th - Paquito Rivera & Trio Corrente - Jamboree - Music

July 22nd - Jordi Savall i Hesperion XXIII - Teatre Grec - Music

July 22nd - Lee Field & The Expressions - BARTS - Music

July 22nd-23rd - Ina Christel Jahanessen/Visibility Corp - Teatre Lliure-Sala Fabià Puigserver - Dance

July 22nd-23rd - Maria Muñoz/Pep Ramis/Mal Pelo - Mercat de les Flors-Sala MAC - Dance

July 22nd-25th - Los Esquelters - CCCB - Theatre

July 22nd-July 26th - Ella i els Arquitectes - El Born Centre Cultural - Theatre

July 23rd - Royal Sothern Brotherhood & The Excitements - BARTS - Music

July 23rd-24th - All Things: Archeology of a Space Object - Antic Teatre - Theatre

July 23rd-25th - The Civil Wars - Mercat de les Flors-Sala OM - Theatre

July 23rd-26th - Els Mots i La Cosa - Teatre Lliure-Espai Lliure - Theatre

July 23rd-26th - La Clausura del Amor - Teatre Lliure Gràcia - Theatre

July 24th - Lila Downs - BARTS - Music

July 24th-26th - Només Ens Vol Protegir del Cel - Musei d'Arqueologia de Catalunya - Theatre

July 25th - Ann Brun - BARTS - Music

July 25th - Ninet InfernO (A partir dels Sonnets de Shakespeare) - Teatre Grec - Theatre

July 25th-26th - La Butxaca del Pantaló és un Telèfon - Hiroshima - Mini Grec

July 26th - Tacet (Performance per a Indrets Silenciats - Antic Teatre - Theatre

July 26th - Yann Tiersen - Teatre Grec - Music

July 27th-28th - Il n'est pas encore minuit - Teatre Grec - Circus

July 28th-30th - Aquil.les o l'Estupor - Mercat de les Flors-Sala MAC - Theatre

July 28th-30th - L'Imaginación del Futuro - Teatre Lliure-Sala Fabià Puigserver - Theatre

July 28th-30th - Viatge al Centre de la Terra (Segle XXI) - Mercat de les Flors-Sala OM - Mini Grec

July 29th - Nit de Tango: Piazzolla convida Buika - Teatre Grec - Music

July 30th - Els Amics dels Arts - Teatre Grec - Music

July 31st - Carretera N-340 - Antic Teatre - Theatre

Video presentation of the 2017 Grec festival in Barcelona

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