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Smart City Expo

Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

Smart City Expo World Congress 2017
Av. Reina Mª Cristina s/n
Nov 14 - Nov 16

Smart City Expo is an event dedicated to making urban cities more sustainable and efficient using technology by creating ‘smart cities’. For example, street lights and traffic controls can be controlled wirelessly to reduce energy costs. Additionally, sensors can be used in a number of different ways, such as monitoring water mains for leaks, monitoring air quality for pollution levels and much more.

The Smart City Expo World Congress brings together over 400 influencers and innovators from around the world to share their knowledge, debate the challenges faced by cities and encourage inventive ideas to develop more sustainable and smarter cities. It's the only event to unite global institutions, academic leaders, business, entrepreneurs and more.

Why do we need smart cities?

The world is consistently growing and urbanising, with the world’s population expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, increasing by 1.2 billion from the current population. By 2050, the world’s population is expected to reach 9.7 billion. These expected increases mean that all regions of the world will need to urbanise further, especially in Asia and Africa, where the fastest growing cities are located.

With a growing population comes a number of challenges in which cities must face together. These challenges include climate change, traffic congestion, pollution and lack of housing to name a few. One way to efficiently manage these issues is through the use of technology.

Smart City event
Smart City Expo World Congress 2017

Towards Zero Waste

Towards Zero Waste is an initiative launched at Smart City Expo World Congress that aims to reduce waste and increase the efficient use of resources. The initiative is based on three main ways of reducing waste, which are using less materials, reusing and recycling. It promotes a number of different and simple techniques such as going paperless, reusing materials, recycling waste, and using biodegradable and compostable utensils in kitchens.


There are many different topics that will be discussed at the congress:

  • Governance — City-to-city cooperation, commons, cooperation platforms, data maturity, e-democracy, e-government, engagement, multilevel governance, open data, open government, open innovation, policy framework, public-public cooperation, public services, service integration, transparency.
  • Mobility — Connected & self-driving vehicle, cycling, electric vehicle, freight, logistics optimisation, integration platforms, intelligent transport systems, mobility as a service, multimodal transport system, non-motorised mobility, parking, pedestrian strategy, policy framework, public transport, real-time data, shared transportation, sustainable urban mobility, traffic management, transport hubs, transportation networks, walkable.
  • Safe cities — Cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, disaster recovery, emergencies, legislation, public safety, regulation, resilience, risk management, security technologies, surveillance.
  • Economy — Accountability, new business model, cooperation model, entrepreneurship, development, financing, investing, public procurement, prod-usage, public-private-people partnership, public value, shared value, sharing economy, social economy, startup, user value.
  • Sustainability — Air pollution, alternative resources, climate change, energy, geoinformation, green areas, green building, intelligent building systems, greenhouse gas emissions, housing, lighting, low carbon, open space, population growth, public space, regeneration, regional development, renewable energy, rural development, rural grids, smart grids, strategic planning, urban design, urban planning and development, urban farming, urban furniture, utilities, water management, waste management, zero carbon.
  • Circular Economy — Blue economy, business model, closed loop, design for circularity, eco-design, food, green industry, industrial symbiosis, job creation, low carbon, logistic for circularity, material flow, packaging, plastics, product as service, productive cities, re-cycling, regenerative system, refurbish, remanufacturing, resource efficiency, re-use, repair, supply chain, textile, urban mining, zero waste.
  • Society - Ageing population, cocity, co-creation, co-production, culture, digital divide, education, e-health, e-learning, empowerment, equity, gender, health, inclusive, inequality, knowledge, living labs, participation, population growth, quality of life, right to the city, social innovation, social services, wellbeing.
  • Data & Technology — Advanced analytics, big data, block chain, business intelligence, cloud, city platform, computer networking, data center, data management, data visualization, digital modelling, disruptive technologies, distributed architectures, drones, geoinformation, hardware development, information technology, infrastructure development, internet, interoperability, network infrastructure, robotics, sensors & connectivity, service integration, software development, telecommunications.

Last year's Smart City Expo

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