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05 Sep 2019 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |
Packing suitcase

Which clothes to pack for holidays in Barcelona

Which clothes to pack for holidays in Barcelona

Be fashionable wherever you are in Barcelona...

That critical time has come to pack your bags before you head to Barcelona, and if you're as fashion conscious as the city is, then you'll be wondering "What should I pack? Will I need a coat? Sports shoes? Jersey? What about swimwear, flip-flops, and shorts?!". Calm down dear/dude. With the help of just one article and a handy infographic, you'll have your bags packed and ready in no time, so you can enjoy your holiday in the Catalan capital.

Packing for a holiday. Hell.

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New Girl llorando

Of all the most boring and complicated things in the world, packing suitcases for a holiday probably ranks up there with the worst of them, and when you add the fact that the city that you're visiting is as fashionable as Barcelona... Well... The picture above explains it all... So before you even have the chance to reach that emotional state, let's get through this together!


Sightseeing Stylishly

Why of course. You're either sightseeing or you're sightseeing in style when you're in Barcelona. There are also clothing policies for the most discerning attraction, like the Cathedral, so it's important to respect those. Finally you'll want to be comfortable. So how can you do all this? Here's the plan:

  • For her: Keep a chic and relaxed Parisian style with the essential of 2014; trainers (sneakers). You'll want summer trousers (pants), wide-legged if you have any, and baggy tops to keep things light in the summer, perhaps with a bit of fringing. Make sure to be comfortable with colour!
  • For him: Not too dissimilar with trainers, trousers (or shorts), but most importantly a polo. For a bit of class, a polo is an adequate choice to vary away from the standard t-shirt.


Shopping in Barcelona
Shopping about to get real in Barcelona

After a spot of sightseeing, it's time to discover another thing that the city is famous for - days of shopping. Time to get ready, especially since the summer months of July and August mean sales in Barcelona. The only accepted rule is to go casual, wearing clothes that will allow you to change quickly and avoid queues in the dressing rooms.

  • For her: Skirts are easier to put on and take off in the dressing rooms compared to dresses, and coupled with a simple top (not tight or with lots of buttons, for the love of Saint Laurent...). Wear some shoes without cords, straps, buttons and any other hindrances, so that's All-Stars off the list. You can take a cute back-pack if you want, but a cross body bag is more convenient. Whichever you take, make sure it zips up nicely and watch out for pickpockets.
  • For him: Men will want to go for the same principle; something easy to change from. Bermudas are ideal and a t-shirt with some sort of clever statement on it, the wittier the better. Any shoes that are easy to remove are good, but if you really want to catch the attention of some local ladies, you can wear a traditional local type of casual shoe called Espadrilles, which will certainly be a conversation starter.

To make the most of the summer sales you'll need to find the best palces to go shopping, but don't worry, there's an article for that.


bañador animal

The moment you've probably all been waiting for during your trip to Barcelona; hitting the beaches! There's not much mystery behind what to wear when you visit the beach, as long as you stay comfortable and protected from the sun (at least SPF 30). The style factor comes in other ways:

  • For her: A baggy and summery dress with a pattern and some sandals are the most appropriate way to arrive. Don't forget the swim-wear. Whether you prefer a swimsuit, bikini or tankini the rule for staying stylish this summer is animal prints. Grr!
  • For him: Swimming trunks of course (well, not if you're on Mar Bella Beach - it's pretty nudist). Who said red wasn't sexy? No one. So the more you get tanned, the better you'll look with red trunks. When arriving, you'll want to be wearing bermudas, a casual shirt, and sandals for the full look.

For her and him:Sunglasses! Look cool and protect your eyes at the same time. Why would you not wear them?

Excursions in Barcelona

To make the most of Barcelona and fill your trip with unforgettable experiences and emotions, we offer you the excursions through the Catalan capital organized by our friends - the GetYourGuide team. Choose your excursion and fall in love with Barcelona:


Beyonce at Barcelona club

It's the moment to get glamourous. It's the perfect opportunity for singles to shine. Imagine you're in an ad, parading down the catwalk, exuding class and sensuality. Otherwise, if you're a couple then if celeb culture has shown us anything; don't be shy in showing the world you're together. Beyonce and JayZ, Blake Lively and Ryan reynolds, and Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are all prime examples in recent visits to Barcelona.

  • For her: A short dress of any colour, heels, and accessories. It all comes down to the handbag, tribal necklaces, and rings; accessories make or break it! Locally in Barcelona, subtle floral accessories (for example those that can go in the hair) are very "in". Gorgeous.
  • For him: As Barney from 'How I met your Mother' says: "Suit up!". Well, it can get pretty hot in Barcelona during the summer, so the most you can probably get away with is putting on a light blazer. To accompany it, some tight texan jeans do well with a button shirt. The key here though is the shirt.

Suit up!

All you need to bring in one Infographic

To top it all off, below you have an infographic that will help you get the basics down for a pleasant and stylish summer in Barcelona. Gone are the days of staring in front of the closet for hours trying to pick an outfit. Oh! Almost forgot; if you're prone to leave important things at home for your holidays, take a look at this list of most forgotten things to pack.

Everything you need to pack and be fashionable.

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