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11 Mar 2015 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |
Bars for studying

Where to study and work in peace in Barcelona?

Where to study and work in peace in Barcelona?

Study or work inside a bar? Of course you can!

In a lively city like Barcelona, perhaps you'd be surprised if I told you there are many bars and cafes where you can find tranquility and silence. Those alternative venues where one can stop for a beer or coffee, sit in front of a book or notebook, and study or work ...

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the cities with more tourists, yet it's perfectly organised to meet the needs of everyone from public transportation and museums, to places to party.

Despite the tourist season, the Catalan capital also has quiet places. Hidden among endless streets, hundreds of bars and cafes where you can enjoy tea or coffee while you study or work with your computer. If you like to work from home, then these apartments that are ideal for business trips might also be ideal for you, but if not, there is no need to be enclosed in a library or in your own student accommodation, because there are plenty of places where students or workers can find their perfect study. Maybe you're studying Spanish or Catalan? Perhaps a university project? Preparing for a meeting? Here are the places you can do just that:

1. Granja Petitbo

This little cafe is located in the Eixample Dret neighbourhood on Passeig de Sant Joan, 82 (not far from Plaza Tetuan). In the early twentieth century it was a dairy farm, now a designer cafe with fantastic chairs where you can relax with a coffee while reading a book or writing on your PC.

Highly recommended for breakfast because they make delicious homemade cakes, but there are also big sandwiches and scrambled egg dishes. All throughout Saturday and Sunday they also prepare fantastic brunches. Here is their website.

Granja Barcelona
Granja Barcelona

2. Cosmo Café y Galería de Arte

This bar is... Interesting... It's certainly not shy about being hipster and can be found on Enric Granados, 3. It is not just a café, but also a gallery. Paintings, designer lamps, tubes, coloured walls, stools, and chairs of various pastel shades... Hard to miss because at the entrance there is a bike on the wall.

It is a quiet place where you can relax a little, read a book, or study while savouring a delicious fresh juice with a slice of cake. Open every day at different times. When I went though, the staff told me they don't have WiFi, older reviews say they do have it, but maybe they got rid of it (the internet is pretty mainstream these days). Anyway, the website is here, including information on the temporary exhibitions.

Cosmo Café Barcelona
Cosmo Café

3. Babelia, books & coffee

This cafe is located in the neighbourhood of Sant Antoni on Villarroel, 27. Here you can choose from a multitude of books and a variety of teas and coffees to accompany them. It is a library / cafe where you can go quietly with your books to study, or with your laptop. A colourful and relaxing place to spend some concentration time. Open daily with the girl who owns the place speaking multiple languages! Here is her website.

Babelia Café Barcelona
Babelia Café

4. Bitte

Also located in the Eixample (c / Londres, 87), this cafe is decorated in a special way, let's say... Almost tropical. There are botanical Gardens, soft lights, and colourful chairs ... This is fantastic little place not only to spend time in silence, but also to test delicious dishes - all homemade. There is a cosmopolitan menu with tropical flavors and often small events are organized here. Check out the blog.

Bitte Barcelona
Bitte Barcelona

5. Oval

This restaurant is located in Eixample Esquerre (Valencia, 199), but more than a normal bar it's a gourmet burger bar, where you can eat scrumptious... Well, burgers, of course. You can choose from the many ingredients available and make the combinations that you want. And after eating a good meal, it's time to study! :) Also, the atmosphere is very relaxing with indie music background. Open daily, the average price of a dish goes from €10-20. Here's the website.

Oval Barcelona
Oval Barcelona

6. Café Cometa

Café in Sant Antoni on Carrer del Parlament 20 from the same group as Galeria Cosmo. You can have a natural juice, a sandwich, or a bun and unlike it's counterpart Cosmo, it doesn't suffer from lacking an internet connection as wifi is available, as well as plugs upstairs to work with your laptop as long as you need! They are not super-cheap at €3, but they are very delicious and different than what you'd expect, with cucumber, ginger, and carrots for unique flavours. On a recent visit here our English editor was in a rush and short-changed, seemingly on purpose, so err with caution when visiting here and check.

Café Cometa Barcelona
Café Cometa

There you go! I chose these locals because they are charming and alternative, so much so you'll probably look forward to working or studying in them! :) A nice juice sitting on your own colourful chair instead of sitting at your desk at home alone ... Now you know exactly where to go! If you know some other places, comment on the article and I'll include it on the list! ;)

A map of the cafés

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Born in Ravenna, Italy; but an avid and frequent traveller since childhood. With a super curious mind and a suitcase always ready to go. She now lives in Barcelona, where she writes and photographs the city she loves.

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