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Cheap accommodation in Barcelona around uptown areas

Uptown Accommodation

Find cheap accommodation in Barcelona's uptown neighbourhoods

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Sarrià - Sant Gervasi
119 apartments
Les Corts
33 apartments
162 apartments
15 apartments
106 apartments
Nou Barris
2 apartments
Sant Andreu
3 apartments
3 apartments
1 apartments
Diagonal Mar
11 apartments
Esplugues de Llobregat
2 apartments
Hospitalet de Llobregat
11 apartments
Sant Marti
86 apartments
Santa Coloma
0 apartments
LesCorts Sant_Gervasi Gracia Horta NouBarris Sant_Andreu Sants Diagonal_Mar Sant_Marti Besos Badalona Santa_Coloma Hosp_Llob Esp_Llob

Find a Cheap Accommodation Outside the City Center...

Are you looking for a cheap apartment in Barcelona? We have a long list of options for you below on this page.

For many travelers, finding a place in the city centre may not be an option for a number of reasons. Although being in the city centre can be convenient, it can also be more noisy, expensive, full of tourists, and lack a certain "authenticity" as a place where people actually live. You don't have to stay outside but near Barcelona to save money, you can still stay inside the city, but rather than choose an accommodation in the city centre, there are cheaper options nearby in the most uptown and residential zones where the majority of places to stay are condos (a type flat owned by the individual, and the building itself owned by all the proprietors).

Is it easy to get to the city centre? Barcelona has a great public transport system, so even if you stay in a non-central residential part of the city, you'll normally never be more than 15 minutes from the city centre! The city is quite small, so getting from uptown to downtown is very easy and you could even walk it most of the time!

Finding an apartment outside the city centre is a more budget and cheap alternative that will allow you to live among the locals, experience the everyday Barcelona city lifestyle, and enjoy hidden gems that are off the beaten path. For these reasons, sometimes holiday accommodation outside the city centre isn't just an alternative, but a top choice.

All in all, staying outside the Barcelona city centre is a great choice to explore the city while staying well connected.

Here are some of the best places to stay outside but near the city centre:

  • Sants and Les Corts are the zones that are best connected to the airport. In these areas you can find the Monastery of Pedralbes, Camp Nou Stadium, Montjuïc, The National Art Musuem of Catalonia, and much more.
  • Gracia and Sarriá-Sant Gervasi are two charming uptown zones where you'll find Park Güell and Tibidabo. In terms of attractions there are many hidden gems to be discovered in these areas.

These neighbourhoods are in uptown Barcelona and feature many of the most elegant and luxurious apartments of our website, especially in the districts of Sarria and Pedralbes. However, you will not find inflated prices for the privileged; quite the contrary, since they are not very central and touristic areas. The prices are low for the high quality of the accommodation. No doubt about it, these are good areas to find a cheap and modern apartmentin Barcelona.

  • Horta-Guinardó, Nou Barris and Sant Andreu feature long streets and 19th century farm houses. These zones are higher up than many other parts of the city so there are various places within them that feature some stunning views over Barcelona. Don't miss the romantic Parc Laberint d'Horta in the Horta district.
  • Sant Martí and Diagonal Mar-Forum are areas that host some of the calmer beaches of the city. Poblenou is a new neighbourhood that has a vibrant and fresh atmosphere and Diagonal-Mar is the best place in the city to practice water-sports.

These districts are further from the centre, but they are easily accessible by public transport. The Horta, Nou Barris, and Sant Andreu neighborhoods are also located in uptown Barcelona, but are quieter and more family-friendly. You will feel like being in a separate village without leaving town.

The other districts are located on the Barcelona coastline, so they are perfect if you want a cheap apartment for the summer near the beach. The beaches in these areas are also less crowded. The perfect areas for sunbathing in peace!

And the best part? All these districts are in Zone 1 of Barcelona's public transport network, so it will not cost any extra to get around the city by metro or bus.

There are also areas where you can find accommodation on the outskirts of Barcelona, like Hospitalet de Llobregat, Esplugues de Llobregat, Badalona, Mataró, El Masnou, Tiana, and Alella.

For most of these neighboring cities, you can take the local trains.

Watch our videos and learn more about the uptown neighbourhoods

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