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Cheap accommodation in Barcelona around uptown areas

Uptown Accommodation

Find cheap accommodation in Barcelona's uptown neighbourhoods

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Sarrià - Sant Gervasi
128 apartments
Les Corts
34 apartments
175 apartments
18 apartments
117 apartments
Nou Barris
2 apartments
Sant Andreu
3 apartments
3 apartments
1 apartments
Diagonal Mar
12 apartments
Esplugues de Llobregat
2 apartments
Hospitalet de Llobregat
13 apartments
Sant Marti
91 apartments
Santa Coloma
0 apartments
LesCorts Sant_Gervasi Gracia Horta NouBarris Sant_Andreu Sants Diagonal_Mar Sant_Marti Besos Badalona Santa_Coloma Hosp_Llob Esp_Llob

Where to stay outside the City Center...

How to find cheap accommodation in Barcelona

One of the best ways to find a cheap accommodation in Barcelona is often to get away from the city centre and look for apartments in uptown areas. These places, mostly to the north of city, are way less frequented by tourists, more residential and enjoy wider spaces. For these reasons, there is less demand than compared to the city cenre and therefore it's in these areas you will find some of the cheapest accommodation of Barcelona. It'd be a shame to spend all of your budget on the apartment then there's so much to do in Barcelona, right?

Save with a short-term holiday apartment or long-term rental outside the centre

Whether you are looking for an apartment for a few days or months, you can always find nice places to stay outside the city centre. Opting for a short-term vacation rental outside the centre will allow you to discover Barcelona in a more atypical way than most tourists, and for cheaper. Meanwhile, long-term monthly rentals allow you to live in the city just like a local.

Why short-term holiday apartments are the cheaper option

Staying in a holiday apartment is an option that can prove to be much more economical than a hotel. The price of an apartment is fixed per night, unlike a hotel. Therefore, the more guests that stay in an apartment, the more you can divide the rental price between you. If you are traveling with three or more people, booking an apartment will save you a lot of money instead of multiple hotel rooms. The benefits do not end there, because you can also cook at home for cheap, and therefore avoid eating outside everyday at restaurants —a quick way to see your budget soar. By staying in an apartment, you will also feel at home. Hotels are often impersonal with a very sober decoration. Each apartment, however, has its own style and does not resemble any other. Finally, holiday apartments are generally much more spacious than hotels. So why stay locked in a hotel room when you can enjoy your own apartment? Take a look at our selection of holiday apartments.

Rent an apartment by month and stay like a local

If you have planned to stay several months, then we also offer long-term rentals. Renting an apartment outside the city centre will help you save a bit more. Whether you're a student, intern, here for a job or a really long holiday, you will enjoy a better, larger and quieter accommodation with a relatively cheaper rent than in the city centre. All you have to do is check out our monthly rentals in Barcelona and choose the one that will satisfy your wishes.

Where to stay cheaply in an uptown neighbourhood

Rent a place in Gracia

Gracia is surely the best choice for those who want to live with locals in an authentic neighbourhood while staying connected to the city centre. This district is considered by expats as the one of the best to live in, and we can easily understand why. Quaint squares, narrow streets and a real local fervour awaits you in this lovely neighbourhood.

> Take a look at our selection of apartments in Gracia

Accommodation near Camp Nou and Sants Train Station

Situated in Les Corts neighbourhood, the Camp Nou stadium is without a doubt the most legendary football stadium in the world. Staying here will give you the privilege of being able to attend a match of the world-famous FC Barcelona. The simplest way is undoubtedly to book accommodation near the stadium.

South of Camp Nou is the Sants district, home to Sants Train Station. This station is essential if you want to discover Catalonia by train, or parts of Spain. If you're going to be travelling regularly during you time in Barcelona, be smart and stay in Sants.

> Stay close to Camp Nou or in the Sant area with these apartments

Beach apartments

If you prefer to spend your day enjoying the sun of Barcelona at the beach, there is nothing like staying only a few minutes away from the sea. The Diagonal Mar district is relatively inexpensive and includes the outlying beaches of Barcelona, which are the quietest and cleanest. You will be close to the centre, with trendy bars and clubs, while enjoying a quiet neighbourhood that's sheltered from the mass tourism of the city centre.

> Find an apartment by the beach

Flats outside of Barcelona's centre

Renting an apartment in uptown areas can be the right option for many reasons. While the city centre has undeniable advantages, it can also be very expensive, noisy and full of tourists. Staying away from the centre will allow you to flee from the bustle and enjoy some quiet time. You'll also notice a certain authenticity to these residential neighbourhoods. Last but not least, all of Barcelona's neighbourhoods are very well connected thanks to the effective public transport system, so you will not have any trouble to reach the city centre.

How to get to the city centre?

The city of Barcelona is very well covered by public metro, bus and train services. You will find public transport all over the city and it's efficient, simple to use and affordable. Barcelona is quite small, allowing you to get to the city centre in around 15–20 minutes. If you like to walk, you can even get there on foot and discover hidden gems along the way that are off the beaten path.

Watch our videos and learn more about the uptown neighbourhoods

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