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13 Apr 2018 | Estimated reading time: 5 minutes |
Sagrada Familia Tickets

Sagrada Familia Tickets

Sagrada Familia Tickets

Comparison: Online Sagrada Familia Tickets

More than 4,5 million people visited La Sagrada Familia in 2016 making it one of the most visited attractions in Spain. Due to the long queues buying a ticket is a time-consuming process. Luckily there is also the possibility to buy tickets online for La Sagrada Familia. As well as the basic ticket, there are tickets for guided tours, audio tours and a ticket which gives access to the towers. Searching on Google for 'Sagrada Familia Tickets' will provide a long list with all different tickets and providers. This article lists all the providers and different tickets, including their prices.

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La Sagrada Familia

La Sagrada Familia is a basilica designed by Antoni Gaudí. The full name is Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Famíli, which means Basilica and Temple Expiatori of the Sagrada Família. La Sagrada Familia is still in progress despite the fact that the construction began in 1882. The financing depends on donations, but nowadays money is generated through entrance tickets as well. Because of the duration some parts had to be renovated, while others still need to be created. La Sagrada Familia should be finished in 2026 (see video below), as currently more than 100 labourers work on it.

Bookseller Josep María Bocabella introduced the idea of building a church in Barcelona. Not Gaudi, but Francisco de Paula del Villar was in charge of the design and they started in 1882 with the construction. After a year Francisco left the project after some arguments with the contractor. That was the moment when Gaudí became in charge of the project. He had hoped to finish the construction within 10 years, but soon realised that it was an impossible mission. To make things even worse, designs and instructions by Gaudí were turned to ashes during the Spanish Civil War in 1936. And by then Gaudí himself had already been dead for ten years. 

Gaudí was part of the Catalan modernism and is perceived as the most important exponent of that particular style. The Catalan modernism is derived from Art Nouveau. At the moment the Sagrada Familia has 4 clock towers (though still in development) and in the middle of these 4 towers, another tower of 170 metres will be constructed. This tower will refer to Jesus being surrounded by four evangelists. Moreover, the basilica gets 3 facades each representing a part of the life of Jesus: the birth, the suffering and the glory. The first 2 facades are almost finished and the one about glory will be build as the last part of the whole Sagrada Familia.

Video 2026

Sagrada Familia Tickets

As mentioned before there are several Sagrada Familia tickets. With the Basic Ticket you can discover the wonderful interior of the Sagrada Familia and you will love it. To enrich your experience you could opt for an audio guide, a guided tour and a guided tour with access to the towers for a tremendous view over the city. For each ticket we will explain what it is about, what the prices are and list the various ticket providers.

Attention! Despite the different providers, the official website of La Sagrada Familia is the best option. The tickets are the cheapest, there is no doubt about the validation of the tickets and at the same time you support the financing of La Sagrada Familia.


Most providers enable payment trough IDeal, Mastercard and Paypal. Given that the payment options could differ among the ticket providers, it is wise to check those first.

Basic Tickets

The basic ticket gives access to La Sagrada Familia in order to discover the amazing interior design and architecture. Students receive a discount of €2 by showing off their student card. A Basic Ticket costs only 15 euro. It is important to know that the one and only clorian.com is the official ticket provider of La Sagrada Familia.

€15,00 - Official website Sagrada Familia - The visit should be at least 60 minutes.

€15,00 - Clorian - Official partner.

€16,00 - Musement.com - The length of stay is flexible and thus up to you.

€16,75 - Barcelonacard - €13 ticket + €3,75 bookings costs.

€18,50 - Tiqets.com - €15 + €3,50 bookings costs

€18,50 - Barcelonapagina - €15 + €3,50 bookings costs.

Audio tour ticket

The audio tour tickets enables you to discover the Sagrada Familia at your own pace. The audio will inform you about all the in- and outs of the various spaces. The audio tour is recommended for those who would like to know more about the Sagrada Familia and have sufficient time. The audio tour is available in several languages, so be sure to check this beforehand.

€22,00 - Official website Sagrada Familia - The audio tour takes about 45 minutes.

€22,00 - Clorian - Official partner.

€26,75 - Barcelonapagina - €22 ticket + €4,75 bookings costs.

€26,75 - Barcelonacard - €22 ticket + €4,75 bookings costs.

Guided Tour

A guided tour gives you the chance to get to know everything about the Sagrada Familia in an interactive way. You can ask the guide as many questions as you would like to. The guided tour is available in several languages, including Spanish, English and German. But please be aware that the available languages disseminates for each provider, so check this please before you book any ticket. If you book the guided tour with the official web site or partner you could choose for a tour in Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian or German. The tour is approximately 50 minutes and the groups consist of a maximum of 30 persons.

€24,00 - Official website Sagrada Familia- The visit should lasts at least 60 minutes.

€24,00 - Clorian - Official partner.

€31,75 - Barcelonacard - €29,50 ticket + €1,75 bookings costs.

€34,00 - Musement.com - The guided tour is only available in English and Spanish and takes 2,5 hours.

€39,00 - Viator - A guided tour of about 90 minutes in English.

Gaudí’s work and life

This ticket includes both access to La Sagrada Familia (with audio tour) as well as the home of Gaudí in Park Güell. Park Güell is another famous and eye-catching design and functions as a city park. You cannot miss Park Güell during your stay in Barcelona. A must see!.

€24,00 - Official website Sagrada Familia - Including access to the house of Gaudí in Park Güell.

€24,00 - Clorian - Official partner.

€31,25 - Barcelonacard - €29 ticket + €1,75 bookings costs. Including an audio guide in English, French, Catalan or Spanish.

Top views ticket

The top views ticket could be considered as a basic ticket with the privilege to visit one of the towers and have an amazing view over the city. It depends on the amount of people which tower you will be able to visit. Nevertheless will each tower provide an unique view. It is recommended to check out which towers you could visit before booking the ticket itself.

€29,00 - Official website Sagrada Familia - The visit will last for approximately 90 minutes

€29,00 - Clorian - Official partner.

€40,00 - Musement.com - The visit will last for 3 hours!

€51,00 - Viator - With this ticket you will discover the Sagrada Familia with a guide. The duration is 90 minutes and only available in English.

Final tip! As you could see the prices tend to differ quite much among the providers. Some providers deliver more than others, even though the tickets come down to the same. So make a good comparison before simply buying the cheapest one.

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