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12 Apr 2018 | Estimated reading time: 8 minutes |
Casa Batlló Barcelona

Casa Batlló in Barcelona

Casa Batlló in Barcelona

Discover the incredible Casa Batlló of Antonio Gaudi

My name is Yarik and for your benefit I have visited Casa Batlló to provide with the most full and interesting information about visiting Casa Batlló in Barcelona.

Casa Batlló is one of the most popular attractions in the world of architecture. Anyone who visits this unique and fascinating work by Gaudí will be amazed. The perfect combination of engineering and aesthetic elements of the building is still an object of admiration to this day.

In the article we will tell you about the history of the construction of the building, the role of Casa Batlló in the life of Gaudi, the interior and exterior of the building as well as practical information on prices, events and opening hours.

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Gaudi's Casa Batlló

Before visiting Casa Batlló I want to give you a small introduction to the world of Antonio Gaudi. If you want to feel his astonishing talent, understand the hidden meanings of his works and the atmosphere of Casa Batlló, you should know some parts of Gaudi's biography. 

Antonio Gaudi is a "Top-of-mind" if we are talking about modernism and architecture. It was the originality that became the obsession of the architect and the reason why his masterpieces are well-known all over the world.  

The height of Gaudi's genius

The need for originality was driven by the local bourgeoisie so dozens of new buildings in the modernism style were being built in the city of Barcelona. The upper class left the patrimonial estates and moved to the centre of Barcelona - to unique houses which revealed their money, caste and even temper. Moreover, the desire for individualism was encouraged by the city authorities, awarding architects with annual awards for the best building in Barcelona. Gaudí went far beyond the rules of modernism that made him the most ambitious and innovative architect.

What place does Casa Batlló take in Antonio Gaudi's life?

The construction of Casa Batlló marked a new milestone in the work of Antonio Gaudi: he completely departed from the well-known styles at that time and began to follow exclusively his architectural decisions. To build the building, he involved many workers, who often did not understand the idea of ​​Gaudi, and he had to explain the meaning of each element.

Gaudi devoted himself to architecture and was never married. It is known that he experienced feelings and showed interest only in one woman - Joseph Moro, a working teacher in a working cooperative in Mataro, but she did not accept him. Finally, Antonio Gaudi found salvation  in Catholicism.

What they say about Gaudi:

  • In December 1933, Dalí prepared an enthusiastic sketch for the magazine "Minotaur" of the architecture of Gaudi. He called it the most original phenomenon in the history of art.
  • At the final exam, the headmaster said: "Gentlemen, we have either a genius or a madman!" To which Gaudi sarcastically remarked: "It seems that now I am an architect."

For about a decade now, there has been a campaign to support Gaudí's admission to the saints. It was expected that in 2015 the Pope would sign a document on beatification, which would be the third of four stages of canonization. People want to make Antonio Gaudi the patron saint of all architects.

Antonio Gaudi

Casa Battlo o Casa Batllo? Many people incorrectly write the name of the family-owners of the house and, accordingly, the world-famous architectural masterpiece by Antonio Gaudi. So remember that the house is called Casa Batlló. The other issue is how it is pronounced, so you can check it out on this page.

Before your visit

In the next sections you will find my advices on how to get the most interesting experience of visiting Casa Batlló, not loose any element of Gaudis masterpiece and feel all the atmosphere of his incredible piece of art.

Casa Batlló is very popular with tourists so to get a maximum from your visit I want to provide you with all the necessary information which it is better to take into account before visiting Casa Batlló. Brace yourself and let's start!

Opening hours

Casa batlló is opened 365 days per year from 9.00 am to 9.00 pm (last entry: 8.00 pm). 

I recommend you to buy tickets for the 9.00 am because there will be less amount of people so you can enjoy your visit withiout crowd of people! Moreover, I advice you to start your journey from the roof without smartguide and then come back to the first point. Doing so you can enjoy the empty Attic and roof of Casa Batlló.

Duration of the visit

The estimated time of the excursion is 45 minutes but we think that you will spend more time exploring Casa Batlló, at least, 1 hour 20 minutes.

Casa Batlló is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The House of Bones is one of Barcelona's most iconic attractions and an indispensable stop for discovering the talent of Antonio Gaudi and architectural modernism at its best.

Skip the line

It is better to buy tickets online as:

  • you will be able to choose between different options and consider the best one for you;
  • allows you to buy tickets with fastpass and enter Casa Batlló through the priority line.

Night visit

If you are fancy visiting Casa Batlló in evening time I have something special for you. On the roof of Casa Batlló from 9 June to 24 September, the program "Magic nights" offers an excursion to Casa Batlló with a smart guide, live music on the terrace and two glasses of cava. The cost is 36 euros. There is also a ticket for 29 euros, but it does not include a tour of Casa Batlló, so you can enjoy only the terrace and the evening view of Barcelona.

Virtual tour

Thanks to the virtual our you will be one step ahead of the game - you can explore Casa's Batlló facade, rooms and main symbols proir to the visit and understand what parts of the buildings are more interesting for you.

Casa Batlló interior
Casa Batlló inside

Tickets to Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló offers a wide range of differents excursions so the price varies depending on the type of the excursion you want to choose. After revising our article you can buy your ticket on the oficial page of Casa Batlló.

Ordinary tickets

"House of Bones" offers several types of tickets:

  • 24,5 € (online) and 28,5 € (on hand): a full tour of the building with a smart guide and a visit to the temporary exhibition;
  • 29,5 € (online) and 33,5 € (on hand): a full tour of the building with a smart guide, a temporary exhibition and fast-pass, which will allow you to pass without queue;

What is casa batlló fast pass? it is a type of a ticket which allows you an exclusive access to casa Batlló so you will not have to wait half an hour to enter the building.

  • 29,5 € (online) and 34 € (at the ticket office): "At home", at the entrance you will be given slippers to make you feel like a resident of the house;
  • 31,5 €: entrance with an open date;
  • 37 €: exclusive entrance at 8:30 in the morning, when there are no crowds of tourists in the building;
  • 37 €: a theatrical visit includes an entrance on Sunday and an excursion, which Antonio Gaudi himself will give you a tour (certainly not an actor disguised);
  • 39 €: "Magical Nights" - night visit at 20.00, which includes live music and 2 glasses of cava.

Attention! The purchase of tickets online is 4 euros cheaper than at the ticket office.

Discounts on tickets

  • Children. Children under 7 years old are free of charge;
  • Junior ticket. Tickets for visitors from 7 to 18 years will cost 21.5 €.
  • Student ticket. Tickets for students cost 21.5 €, at the entrance you will need to show a document confirming that you are a student.
  • Senior. Ticket price for visitors 65+ is 21.5 €.
  • Residents of Catalonia. Ticket price is 15 €.

Free tickets to Casa Batlló

Despite the fact that other works of Gaudi like Sagrada Familia offers a free entrance, Casa Batlló do not give us the possibility to visit it for free except children under 7 years old.

How to get to Casa Batlló?

Casa Batlló is located in the city center so there is no difficulties to get there both on public transport or by car or taxi. 

On public transport

  • Metro. Passeig de Gracia, L2, L3, L4;
  • Train. RENFE: Passeig de Gracia Station, FGC: Provença station;
  • Bus. Buses numbers: H10, V15, 7, 22 y 24, Barcelona Tourist Bus (Red and Blue).

By Car

The address of Casa Batlló is Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007, Barcelona.

As you may know it is very difficult to park a car in the center of Barcelona. Check out our article about parking in Barcelona and you will safe money on it!

Casa Batlló map

During your visit

To make your excursion more remarkable Casa Batlló provides you with an audio-guide, free wi-fi and a special place to take photos... 


Everyone receives an audio-guide which consists of two devices: mobile phone with big screen and headphones. An excursian is offered in 8 languages. Every time you are in a new room you should find a tablet with the corresponding number, select it on the screen of your Smartguide and listen the information. Thanks to the effect of virtual reality you can move your device and see how people lived there.

I recommend you to check if the smartguide works well or not before starting the excursion. 

Casa Batlló Guide
Smart Guide of Casa Batlló

For all Instagram and Facebook lovers Casa Batlló accounts for free wi-fi in all the buildings so you will be able to post and share your photos in social media without any problems with internet connection.

Of course, do not forget to subscribe to the oficial account of Casa Batlló on Instagram and use a hashtag #casaBatlló.

TOP places to take photos

Casa Batlló dispose of different places to take photos on the first floor, on the roof but the most interesting place is the balcony. There is a special equipment with photo camera installed on the balcony of the last floor so you will have a chance to get an exclusive photo against the background of the unique facade of Casa Batlló. The only inconvinience is that you need to pay for it:)

After the visit

To fix the visit to Casa Batlló in your memory I recommend you to buy a souvenir and go to the nearest restaurant to share emotions and opinions with your family or friends.

Gift shop

In Casa Batlló there is a large souvenir shop with typical symbols of Casa Batlló and modernism of Antonio Gaudi.

You will find there souvenirs for every “taste and color” from trinkets such as mugs and pens to furniture made on the basis of Gaudi's sketches :) Also you can find something as a present for friends and relatives.

Casa Batlló giftshop

Where to eat after visiting Casa Batlló?

One of the most popular restaurants in Barcelona is El Nacional which is located near Casa Batlló on Passeig de Gracia. The restaurant offers different types of national cuisines like pasta, grill and tapas at a fair price.

The history of Casa Batlló 

Original building

Casa Batlló was not constructed from scratch as it was built on the base of the inicial building about which I will tell you further. 

About Passeig de Gracia

Casa Batlló is located on Passeig de Gràcia. In 1860 Passeig de Gràcia became the main hub of the city of Barcelona and the most notable families of the city began here the construction of mansions through the approval of an ambitious urban development plan. Thus, in the 19th century, this street turned into a pedestrian prospect and horse-drawn carts, and from the 20th century it became the main highway for car traffic.

Who was Casa Batlló built for and when?

In 1877, Emilio Sala Cortés, a professor of architecture at the University of Antoni Gaudí, built the original building of Casa Batlló. It is worth noting that at that time in Barcelona there was no electricity. In 1903, it was purchased by the textile magnate and the owner of several factories in Barcelona, ​​Josep Batlló i Kasanovas.

Casa Batlló ceased to belong to the Batlló family in the fifties of the 20th century. The owners of the building constantly changed from private individuals to large companies until in the 90s it was purchased by the Bernat family, which completely restored it. From the moment of the opening the doors of the house in 1995 and presenting the world with the great creation of the genius of architecture, state subsidies are not allocated to maintain the site's attractions and it is kept thanks to the ticket sales.

Casa Batlló old
Casa Batlló before and after

Renovation of Casa Batlló

From that moments starts the Casa's Batlló story and its concept which is a subject of discussions till the present day.

How was Casa Batlló built?

The construction of the original house for Josep Batllo i Kasanovas is not remarkable and there is nothing special to talk about. I just want to say that the original house was built in record time, from 1875 to 1877, and the owner's goal was to receive a steady income. The entrepreneur, enriched in the production of textiles, decided to invest his money in real estate and receive from it a constant income from renting an apartment.

In 1904, Josep Batlló-i-Casanova realized that this house does not bring him any positive emotions and fades in comparison with the neighboring house of Amalie, built in a modernist style. With the goal of leaving his name in history, in 1904 the businessman makes an order for the reconstruction of the house by architect Antonio Gaudi. Josep Batlló wanted to demolish the building and build a new one, giving Antoni Gaudi complete freedom of creativity and laying on him all the stages of building a new house. However, due to his courage, Gaudi refused to demolish the house.

How long was the construction of Casa Batlló?

In fact, Casa Batlló was not built, but constructed on the basis of a ready-made house, which had a positive effect on the construction period. Gaudi turned an inconspicuous building into a work of art in two years, 1905-1906, completely reconstructing it.

What is Casa Batlló used for nowadays?

In 2002, as part of the celebration of the International Year of Gaudi, Casa Batlló was opened for excursions and other cultural events. Besides touristic visits Casa Batlló creates different types of performance and activities on holidays and provides spaces for events.

Touristic visit

To sum up, there are activities which you can enjoy depending on the type of the ticket you buy:

  • excursions with smartguide;
  • temporary exhibitions;
  • theatrical visit;
  • night visit.

Casa Batlló Sant Jordi

The festivity of Saint George is a day that is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and joy in Catalonia. On April 23rd, the streets of the cities and towns are crowded with people and stalls selling books and roses. It is about celebrating the patron saint of Catalonia and perpetuating this tradition based on love and culture.

Casa Batlló has a lot of elements on its facade and interior related with the day Sant Jordi. It will be decorated with symbols of the aint George’s day like roses, sword and dragon. You will see the princess’s balcony, the remains of the dragon´s victims and a lot of other atributes which I will not discribe you in order to awake your curiosity. Anyway, you can find more information (and buy tickets) about Sant Jodri in Casa Batlló here.

Mapping Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló offers an colorful audiovisual projection on the facade revealing all the symbols and interpretations that inspired Antoni Gaudí when creating this artwork. It is a wonderful inspiring performance that allows you to see the facade of the Casa Batlló from the other point of view.

The last mapping was on 23rd September of 2015 and we are desperate to see the next one. Here you can watch the video of the mapping on Casa Batlló in Barcelona.

Casa Batlló spaces for events

Casa Batlló is a unique place to celebrate your wedding or other date (gala dinner, presentations, meetings, theatrical visits) Casa Batlló provides you with the renting of its premises:

  • Beletage. Large living room with panoramic windows and stained glass windows that overlook Passeig de Gracia.
  • Attic. Unique space on the penultimate floor of the house for special events in the incredible atmosphere created by Gaudi;
  • Dragon Terrace. Terrace under the open sky, where you can arrange an evening concert, a banquet or a cocktail party.

Clicking this link you will find a form for booking the premises of Casa Batlló for events. 

Many people express doubts whether Casa Batlló is worth it or not. YES! Although the ticket price may seem high. The uniqueness of this architectural masterpiece, hidden meanings and charm by the talent of Antonio Gaudi from the first step into the building will turn you into a curious child inspired by the great creation.

I hope you have enjoyed the article and you are already in the process of buying tickets. Have a nice day in Casa Batlló!

If you have something to add, write us in OK Apartment oficial page on Facebook!

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